Teatime from BreadTop

BreadTop bakery outlets may not be viewed in the same company as some other patisseries, but they do offer a practical range of offerings at practical prices. Personally, I see them as snacks on the run and which can add to a picnic basket when otherwise one would have to bake them yourself. The business has been in Australia for ten years, opening first in Box Hill in the Melbourne area -the first Sydney store was at World Square in the cbd. Its South-east Asian roots are unmistakable in the way they fashion their buns, gateau cakes,ice creams and pies. BreadTop also offers a rather controversially named range of cakes termed bra, poo, ball and more. I prefer their savoury buns and pastries.

This year, the Mooncake Festival falls on Monday 12 September. It celebrates the mid-Autumn Festival in China,but provides an occasion for families and friends to gather for drinking tea and cakes. Moon cakes normally have a savoury and/or sweet pastry filling, and above, my favourite versions of durian fruit flavours. Below, the custard egg tarts which you normally find in yum cha lunches at Chinese restaurants around the world.


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