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Il Nido Balgownie NSW - Breakfast Time


Georgetown, Penang - Iconic Festive Foods


Altitude at the Shangri La Sydney

The Shang Sydney CBD is already sited on top of a hill and when we got to Level 36, expectations were naturally high.  Located above the iconic Rocks, the hotel group's only operation in the whole of Australia has to be distinctive and quality.  Alas, there is no yum cha outlet as in its Asian hotels, but having fantastic look outs on to both Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour does carry the weight of responsibility and imagination.  At the literal pinnacle of this Sydney Shang, you come across the Blue Bar and the Altitude.

We were there for a cocktail and canap├ęs function, surrounded on one side by a clear glass through-view of what Sydney Harbour is to the world's imagination - and in reality. The persistent rains and cloudy storms of the past week had passed this Saturday afternoon, to reveal why Sydney attracts visitors, especially on New Year's Eve and in summer - and also why the city has been named the fifth most expensive city in the world stakes last week (Singa…

Flanagan's Dining Room - Thirroul Beach, NSW

I recall easy and lazy holidays beach side. I can feel the refreshing breezes rolling in and enveloping my face. I am taken back to beach bungalow days. I see iconic symbols and reality of the great Australian life style. I greet dogs and cyclists passing by in absolute content. I hear the roar of the ocean surf.  I watch a young board surfer running down with anticipation to where the waters meet the fine sand, and to what lies ahead for a day of technique, practice and fun. I see intent walkers strutting out on the sand washed pavements. There are women and men of various ages watching the Tasman sea coast with focus, some ready with surf suits, mostly holding their boards and all under the spell of a sea side lifestyle.  And then we come across Flanagan's, heard so much about, with much expectation.  Already we like what we see outside the modest but charming place,

Called Flanagan's after its road location, its bungalow like site and venue at once offers a casualness and …

My Favourite Dishes

For My Breakfast
French toast - from student days
Masala dosa - from Madras
Croissants and bagels - French

Morning break
Goi cuon - spring rolls from Hanoi
Parma ham - snack bites from anywhere in Italy

Fettuccini marinara - subtle with juices and produce of the sea - form Napoli
Char Siew So - baked pastry with roast pork inside - from Guangzhou
Seafood paella - soft and flavourful rice topped with fresh produce of the sea - from Espanol
Fish curry - Mum's Straits Chinese version
Fish and chips - from the Illawara coast NSW
Grilled unagi- delicately marinated eel slices - Japan
Pho - rice noodles in a soup with stock - Vietnam
Kam Pin Fan - mung bean noodles stir mixed dry with seafood and a pork lard based sauce - from Cambodia and Vietnam

Hokey pokey ice cream on a cone - New Zealand

High tea
Homok or otak otak - steamed fish and egg mousse, wrapped in banana leaves - from Thailand or Penang
Lobak - pork cuts wrapped in soya based warp and the deep died, served with cucumber …

Georgetown, Penang - More Iconic Foods

Lonely Planet earlier this year declared the current top food destination in the world as in Georgetown, Penang, followed by Victoria State in Australia.  Enjoy...