An Afternoon At Woolwich, NSW

Australia's Woolwich, which overlooks calm bays extending from both Sydney's Parramatta River and Lane Cove, has its name inspired from south London. The Sydney version is more benign in climate and offers what can be termed the leisurely Australian life style - pubs, sailing and picnics. It personifies the advantages of location, location, location - it sits on a peninsular called Hunter's Hill. Above image, the Woolwich Pier Hotel and Pub, built in 1885.

The old dockyard is still there and operating (above). Woolwich today may not reflect its working past, as now it is more of the abode of wealthy families and individuals, mainly from the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The Marist Sisters College is a contrast to the Woolwich Public School

Water side views, well kept gardens and roads with a gradient dominate the character of this suburb, first settled by John Clarke and referred to in Aboriginal language as Mookaboola, or "where the waters meet". You can catch a water taxi or scheduled ferry service to Woolwich from Sydney's Circular Quay. Woolwich Marina offers 32 berths with an accompanying Sailing School. Cockatoo Island,one of the biggest in Sydney Harbour, is not far away and you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge beckoning to you if you stand on the Woolwich foreshores.

Above image, a view from the Woolwich Deckhouse Cafe,and below, a typical scenery for someone strolling along the varied hilly paths of Woolwich.

Below, a perspective from the Woolwich Dock, taken on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.


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