Riverside Lunch at Woolwich, NSW

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The Woolwich Deckhouse Cafe promotes itself as providing 'ideal location, ideal service and ideal venue". Located on sleepy banks between the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers, the cafe has high ceilings, a modern outfit, timber floorings and all round glass doors/windows. I found the rack of pesto crusted lamb (above image) refreshing to my appetite and taste buds. Open only for breakfast and lunch, it is best to park your vehicle before getting the opportunity to stroll down hill to its water side location at the tail end of Clarke Road. It was almost full house when my group dug into our leisurely meal one weekend afternoon.

Presentation is the icing on the cake to a well cooked meal. Above, the chocolate fondant served with a honeycomb and ice cream, looks pretty itself, at least before consuming it. The waiter at our table was attentive, discreet and timely looking after our needs that day. Below, the petits fours - with Scottish shortbread, macaroon, chocolate truffle and brownie - served as a conversation piece and closer to a relaxing lunch with mates.

More views of my rack of lamb (above and below), before I tackled the dish and savoured its garnishings of sebago mash and primary servings bathed in mint oil and red wine jus.

Fish and chips,with fresh salads (above) contrasted in texture and flavour with the scampi risotto (below),which was accompanied by garlic,white wine and chili in its mix.

The approaching spring provided emerging flower blooms (above) to help contribute to the ambiance of outdoor breezes, of one being with the elements and with calming scenic views. I must say the cafe should open its glass sliding doors on such a benign day, although the possibly changing weather outside may have decided their closure.

Above, the salt and pepper calamari, served with a passionfruit coulis and sprout salad, could have been a picture of understatement but was an appetising entree. Below, getting to know the chocolate brownie better!


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