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Churning For More Business

Churn, more than ever, continues to be the source of business profit and drive in contemporary society.

Turnover of paying customers to one's books means showing an increased customer portfolio, no matter how temporary this increase can be.  Inducing them to use your services or buying your products can mean offering some interim concession, creating some excitement in the joining experience or differentiating your offer from your competitors.

This can be in passing on discounts in prices or rates. It may be linking access to frequent flyer rewards, providing nicely packaged gifts or increasing credit card points. In the past, this was reinforced by hiring a team of effective communicators in person or in adverts to push the package. It is sad these days that many on line offers involve interacting with just software - something is lost in this process but business costs are reduced and a new rising generation of potential customers may prefer it this way.

In having a high churn, sha…
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Human Addiction

If they are not organically grown, strawberries are said to carry the most residue of pesticides from commercial growing of vegetables and fruits.

Just reflect on smart devices and their software, looking captivating as well with lures and experiences of convenience, interconnectedness and flexibility. What residues of negative connatations and real risks do these gadgets have?

1. Escalating personal addictiveness. How long does it take to check your smart phone after waking up each day?

2. Allowing others to manipulate and control our desires - and we are not even aware of it. Fake news or a source we trust?

3. Feeling pleasure in building up our dependency on others. There is an App for almost everything, especially for things we did not even think we required.

4. Emphasising unplaced trust. Who reads all the terms and conditions, written in a most unpalatable way?

5. Enhancing runaway loss of privacy. Did you notice how many parties want to know your present location?

6. Submitting to str…

Politics, Elections, Royalty and Modifications

Post World War 2, a rising tide of nationalism, the strengthening of communism and the end of colonialism witnessed an age of pro-independence political leaders. This was especially pronounced across Africa and Asia.

Roll forward about sixty to seventy years.

How many nations are still ruled by the same political party that fought for independence at the outset? Singapore comes foremost to mind. In contrast, the high level of volatility in the political landscape of Europe, the primary colonisers for a few centuries pre World War 2, has since witnessed a wide spectrum of political players with many different hues.

So called democracies encourage change, with parties playing off each other every few years. Historically this can lead to dictatorships, autocracy, kleptocracy, military rule and other arrangements which are a far cry from the idealistic Greek idea of democracy.

Even the Roman Republic came into aurocratic rule for a long time before the Empire collapsed and after the powers of…

Personal Thoughts, Actions and Attitudes

Listen to what your inner and outer worlds are trying to tell you. Take simple steps to more mindfulness, especially to fully appreciate the present and the now.
Quiet down the mind to a simple point of focus at least once every day. Saviour a soundless contentment.

Declutter to allow growth, let go of things that unnecessarily bind you and better accept change like those of the seasons. Acknowledge your own gratefulness, for things simple and more. Experience more and never corner yourself in. Allow our inherent creativity to unfold. Be conscious to be moderate in all actions.

Take more interest in new things beyond your routine. Never stop questioning. Always stop to consider other views and then decide yourself. Perception can be reality, but reality may not be the perception. It is better to know the cause than treating the symptoms.

Observe yourself, as if you are a third party, in your physicality, your emotions, your inner spirit and in your behaviour.

Realise your posture, examin…

How Do You Treat Airline Crew?

It is shocking to know that first line staff in Australia attending to emergencies are often abused, physically attacked and risk their lives trying to help.

The lack of personal morals and being under the influence of deranging drugs and Ice may be the reasons behind such behaviour, but it just does not make sense. Police personnel, medics and rescue specialists bear the brunt of anger from ungrateful individuals.

What has been under reported is also the personal risks faced by cabin crew staff working on the thousands of air flights hovering above our skies at any one minute. The age of elegance and privilege flying in the air has long finished with the advent of budget airlines, maximisation of paid passenger capacity and the boom in tourism.

It used to be the highest opportunity in the service industry to be a uniformed steward or stewardess working to comfort airline passengers. There was a high expectation of standards from both passengers and airline crew in their interaction. A…

It Can Be All Relative

11 degrees Celsius is nippy when you are used to 19. It can be so warm in comparison when you have had to put up with minus five.
Waiting for a commuter train that comes every 15 minutes is a pleasure when you are often subject to wait another hour after missing a train. 15 minutes is unbearable when you only wait every three minutes.
Driving for 500 kilometres on the road allows you to cross several countries in Europe. Being on the road for five hours in Australia still does not change the passing scenery.

Ten hours on a large ship cruise seems wasted compared to the same number of time discovering new cultures, food and port cities on a day trip to an exotic island.
When you are in the company of your special someone, a day feels like an hour but when you are stuck with some one else, an hour does seem to be a day.
When one keeps occupied and enjoys a journey no matter how long it takes, there is no expectation but only pleasure on savouring every moment of the experience.
At times, i…

The State of the Commonwealth - Australia

It was not long the hundred years after Federation, a freshly minted nation thrived on discovery of resources, development of its unique character, defence against intrusive forces, dedication to family, disengagement from old ideas and dedication to lifestyle.
Yet at the same time, underlying dark currents persisted which continue to this day. There is the debacle of not sufficiently and positively engaging with the people of mankind's oldest surviving culture. The land and what else Nature provides has been incessantly exploited with mineral and other resource extraction, without a significant degree of human value add. Small scale farming face challenges to survive. Vast spacious interiors, mostly empty, have been cited as to why we cannot do this or that to compete or compare with more dynamic overseas initiatives. Costs remain high in labour, things get done slower and there is a distinct lack of will to achieve better. Why stress when the waters of the blue ocean …