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Capers Pizza Corrimal NSW

Coming out of Queensland, Capers seemed to me initially as the new player on the competitive and already established pizza fast food delivery market in Australia.  However it commenced operations in 1996 in Kenmore in the greater Brisbane area - which I was not aware of.  So I had expectations of what makes Capers different, to distinguish themselves in this space. What is their target demographic? May be this can be discerned from the location of their stores in new areas.  My first encounter with Capers was in Corrimal, which lies at the northern end of the Illawarra region south of greater Sydney.  This store opens only at noon, is manned minimally but is sited strategically opposite the Woolworths car park and within walking distance from the main intersection of the shopping strip.  The Corrimal store is part of at least a 120 outlet network, still mainly located in Queensland State and mostly in regional areas outside capital cities.

The Corrimal store is designed with Gen Y in…

Tea Time in South-east Asia

This following entry marks seven years today for Kindly Yours.

The seasons, they are a-changing

I find I no longer drop by certain shops, specific businesses and particular trades. Not out of malice, but by sheer evolving selection and replacement by other options. When the weekend arrives, it was a pleasure to drop by the news agent after a morning run and a cuppa. Or even having the newspapers delivered. Today I don't even miss newsprint, unless I have to cover part of the floor during a house painting session. Oh yes, the newspaper, the physical version used to wrap traditional fish and chips, has even shrunk in size to A4 tabloid. In Asian countries, you can still get paid, by the weight, when you sell your old and read newspapers to the recycling guy. In Australia, no one comes with cash to take away your discarded paper - in fact, you pay to unload your hoarded stuff at the local dump, sited usually in a remote place after an hour's drive away from home. The daily ritual of reading newsprint of course has been replaced by another addiction - that of logging into…