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Batemans Bay NSW - The River Clyde

Georgetown, Penang - Iconic Food

Straits Chinese - Baby Sam's First Month, Sydney NSW

Rick Stein's Bannisters - Mollymook, South Coast NSW

The forte of the man is fish and his passion is for fish and various cooking styles, whether in South-east Asia, India, Spain or in his native England.  Rick Stein is a television, culinary and book personality and was appointed the official  food Ambassador for the federation of Malaysia. He can be chatty, offer embracing smiles, make interesting observations and does not mind getting into the elements to emphasise the uniqueness of a food ingredient or the beauty of a place.  I reckon I am fortunate that I live at the start of the New South Wales South Coast - and only two hours drive away from my home is where I can find one of Stein's culinary ventures in the South Seas, Bannisters Restaurant is located in Mollymook at the end of the aptly named Bannisters Hall Road, adjoining the Bannisters accommodation for guests who live a hideaway and over looking the rather captivating and sometimes calm Tasman Sea.

Passing by the village of Milton, with fine  restaurants like the Bacch…

Georgetown, Penang - Some where Along The Way Again

Starfish Deli - Batemans Bay, South Coast NSW

Batemans Bay is a holiday and lifestyle place, attracting visitors and residents of all ages - and an easy going, popular joint is the Starfish, with its many tables, split level floors and its open glass views of the Clyde River and its iconic bridge that links both sides to north and south.  For the first time in as many years I found the Coke Spider (photo above), full with foamy ice cream kick and the essential combination with a soft drink that is still holding its spell after a long time.

The place was chock a block during my visit to Starfish, but the staff were coping well despite this busy Sunday night.  The menu is family friendly.  I did find my serving of pork belly a tad rich in fat, but the good blend of gravy made up for this, reminding me of Thai and Vietnamese influences.  Many groups had converged at this deli cafe restaurant that evening - and it was also popular at lunch time.  Its casual and holiday feel have struck a chord with its guests.  I would like to try i…