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Fly Away Empty Bring Back Loaded

Just like a Mackers Burger or a Prada handbag can be charged with varying prices around the world, so can an Apple IPhone.
Would you factor in purchases as part of your next holiday agenda? Shopping in the USA is a significant activity for sports products, clothes and accessories. Local taxes, tips and currency exchange do figure well into such decisions of buying away from home. 

There may be no need to travel as cyberspace does offer a huge convenience and discount on prices and physical delivery. Where nations require you to be a local to be entitled to those attractive prices, there are also ways and means for foreigners to pose as such locals to qualify. The meaning of market bargaining has been expanded with various strong tactics on discounts during a tight time window, bulk empowerment and cutting out on retail front costs. 

Commercialism thrives on convincing a buyer of not to miss obtaining a product, whether through the need to have the latest version, to keep up with trends o…

Bush Walking, with Rocks and All

The path ahead could be long, or surprisingly short.   The trail could have been carved out by past walkers,  or some parts of it submerged under grass or water.     Outdoor walking exerts on not just the legs, but also on the mind.   Depending on your expectations, one can feel refreshed, sweat it out or liberate the constraints one places upon one's self.   Human beings are meant to get the muscles and adrenaline going   - we are not naturally built to sit down for  long hours and not utilise all of our sensory capabilities and abilities.    We are best when interacting with Nature and what our home planet and her elements offer us.

Sign boards are well posted when we were visiting several National Parks around Western Australia, whether they were by the Indian Ocean coast or deep inland in remote territory.   These informed us how far the walks would take us, whether there were ladders to climb, notifications of having to wade in shallow or deeper streams and if visitors need to…

The Art of Managing Expanding Business

Good standards in health, standards of living and mobility have contributed to increasing human populations.     In the eyes of business at all levels, that means potential in enhancing revenue.   However, the question that remains unresolved is how to harness a bigger market without reducing the quality of inter action with customers.   

As technology gets more savvy, businesses may miss the all important point of customers still wanting a decent standard of interaction with the business, especially after locking in with the latter in contracts and service.

Revenue can be further increased with lowering costs of all types.  It does not take a genius to figure out that widening the gap between revenue and costs leads to possible exponential rise in profits, driven and pressured by shareholders, individual owners and hired executive management.    Whether you are running an outfit in start ups, a multi-national or corporatised ex-government department, the preoccupations of CEOs emphasis…