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To Hayley, Melbourne and More

Melbourne weather, at the end of winter, shows moderation in small hesitant steps but reserves the option of reverting to change. In contrast, the cultural and retail vibes of the city and its surrounds do not stop but move in its idiosyncratic variety, delightful surprises and colour. On my most recent visit, I had celebrated the birth of baby Hayley but was also pleased to be drawn into the variety of food, shopping precincts and the human environment of greater Melbourne. It had definitely been a jazz of a time for me, albeit short, but intensely enjoyable.

I had the opportunity to catch up with the Yeap family in Wartirna South. On arrival at their house, it was always reliable Eu-Yane who carried my luggage to the room. Kim Leong and Suan provided me with a few days of feasting. Most memorable was the home cooking from Suan –she whipped up Straits Chinese delights, ranging from rendang and chicken curry to saffron flavoured rice and peach-moulded bean paste ang koos. Kim offered…

Scenes From a Wedding - North Beach Wollongong

The groom speaks at the reception held at the Novotel Northbeach, Wolllongong, NSW.

Kevin Yong and Sharon Twyford from Balgownie.
Image taken by Jake.

Above - the circle of mates, relatives and love.

Guess who got to catch the bouquet?

Scenes from a Wedding - Bulli, NSW

Karl and Renee Murray found each other as soul mates, and had a sparkling wedding day on 28 August 2010. The setting was the Uniting Church in Bulli, NSW. Bulli was where Karl was based in his formative growing up years and also as a young adult, the crucible of sentimental memories with his school mates and where his immediate family still reside.Carlos (centre in above photo) was the best man on this happy and meaningful occasion.

Karl, Evie and Kevin pose in front of the stretch limousine after the service.  Photograph taken by Sharon Twyford.

The bridesmaids - Renee's very own two sisters and best friend.

Karl Murray and his groomsmen wait for Renee and the bridal party.

A radiant Renee and the father of the bride.

Above - after the service, a smiling groomsman and his lovely bridesmaid.

Karl Murray's uncle Mick (far right) and his mates at the back of the church as the newly married couple head out to the evening sunshine on a bright weathered Saturday.

Above image - Karl's M…