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Flavours on Crown - Wollongong CBD


Home Cooking


Pendolino Italian, Strand Arcade - Sydney CBD

It is a restaurant named in honour of a special olive tree, dear to the heart of those who hail from Tuscany and Umbria.  It is tucked away at one corner, the western one, on the second floor of the Strand Arcade, right smack in Sydney City Centre, the one joining Pitts Street Mall and George Street.
make it past their cafe and you then enter the inner sanctum.

Pappardelle pasta flavoured with beetroot and garnished with fresh goats cheese, dried black olives , red onions and Italian parsley exemplify the rustic charm  and feel of the Pendolino.  What caught my eye was their attempt using pork , veal and tomato ragu, served with a Gramigna pasta.  The Trota, a fine name for a basic Russian inspired sandwich, places ice berg lettuce with smoked trout and zings up the final taste with a horseradish mayonnaise, perhaps an excellent lunch idea.  For the brave and initiated, the truffled  chicken liver and Portobello mushrooms I reckon can be a good choice, for it is a challenging matter t…

Atom Thai, King Street, Newtown - Sydney NSW

Texture, taste and twist - is that what we anticipate in any cuisine? Perhaps we also appreciate the clever and subtle use of ingredients, how they blend together in the dish presented to us and how they make an impact on our palate and overall dining experience. Some city centre establishments face constant pressure on space, costs and turnover. Some may take short cuts in pre cooking some of their menu items but such a practice can impact on a discerning diner.  The variety of multi-cultural items on the food scene in Australia means customers may compare with their experiences from traditional settings back in the source countries.  The subtleties of ingredients produced in Australia can make a difference.  Some resort to experimentation and fusion, thereby bringing diners a new dimension and a whole new world of possibilities.  Some diners do not care so much for the food as the quality and flow of the drinks and company.  Some relax because the staff make them feel mellow and ot…

Suffolk House Restored, Georgetown Penang

Only ten years after the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 was the colony of Georgetown on Penang Island founded by Light. There are the stories of how the Captain ordered for sovereign coins to be dispersed by cannon on to thick bush to motivate people to clear the jungle fast.  Francis was born in Dallinghoo in Suffolk (East Anglia) in the mother country and before arriving in Penang, was based as a trader in Salang in Phuket Island in nearby Siam.  This must have been where he met his future wife, Martinha Rozells, a woman of both Portuguese and Siamese heritage and later, mother to Colonel William Light. Martinha was Catholic and posed a potential issue to the Church of England, to which Francis belonged to.  Apparently, the marriage was never declared to the English authorities.  Captain Light had three daughters (Ann, Sarah and Mary)  and two sons (William and Francis Lanoon) with Martinha.
A Francis Light II passed away in Taiping in 1906, whilst an Augusta Victoria L…

Tao's at Times Square, Georgetown - Penang

My favourites at Tao's remain rather consistent I must say - soft shell crab karate, unagi, California maki rolls, age dashi tofu, salmon papaya salad and salmon sushi.
Recently I had the opportunity to try these again at another outlet of Tao's on the island of Penang.
The feel and bite of Japanese cuisine in a tropical climate can vary with the source of their ingredients and the regional fashion of where the cuisine is based originally.   Sure, Tao's has the grilled stuff, the noodles, the rolls, the fried, the cold cuts and steamed dishes, but I do somehow remain of the view that Tao's menu is somehow geared for the local diners instead of anything more else.
I am curious about the pumpkin korokke and may go for this the next time.  Otherwise, every time I am in Tao's, it is with people I am familiar with, and we can all let our hair hang out so to speak.  Tao's all you can eat option is popular with those under 30 years old, but anyone can also opt for al…