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Eastwood Peking Seafood Restaurant Eastwood NSW

The Eastwood Peking has been around for many years.  Located at a corner of Rowe Street, near the famously busy crossing to the pedestrian mall,  it has a narrow frontage, a deep inside and a narrow place for customers to queue up, but under cover.   On a recent visit, I find the staff are well trained,  well costumed and with smiling faces for guests.   We commenced at 6pm for our table meal but there was the expected queue by 7pm.   The street outside can be busy with people and vehicles but one does not sense it.   It is worth reserving a table here instead of just walking in, especially at the usual meal times on busy nights.

Two years ago, this restaurant went so called green in the selection of electrical generation choices.  It also renovated by converting to LED lighting.

Beijing duck is what many come here for and it does not disappoint.    The roast skin is not over oily but firm and crispy.    One gets the usual shallot slices, Hoi Sin sauce, finely cut cucumber strips and th…

Chef's Palette Eastwood NSW

I had gone over board on cheesecakes, inadvertently ordering two for a shared bite after dinner.     The situation was salvaged when the cheesecakes were different, both in flavour and bite.

Welcome to the branch of Chef's Palate, located near Jong Jip, in north western Sydney suburbs, that hub of business, dining and shopping called Eastwood.    This section of Rowe Street, where many Korean shops congregate, has now taken on a new level of activity and buzz.   You can have authentic and Aussie modified Korean cooking here.   There are two large groceries that remind you of being in a Seoul suburb.   Aldi is housed in a small shopping centre that has more restaurants than other businesses.    Whilst Aldi closes early for its supermarket operations, the other retail places open till late.

Staff were engaging and friendly and they are young and bright eyed.    The barista that evening invited us in and his work counter is at street frontage.   Saturday evening meant many couples and …

Si Ji Min Fu Restaurant Qianmen Beijing


Pho Toan Thang Vietnamese Restaurant Homebush NSW

It was a rather early Sunday morning - the crowds had not arrived as yet.   Some shops, cafes and restaurants were already opened for business, including Pho Toan Thang.

PTT is a family run business that has both Vietnamese and Cantonese hues in its food and atmosphere. People were having breakfast here!    The grocery across the paved walkway, Tan Hung Long, was awaking from just opened mood, but next door, K.W. Barbeque, already had people lining up.    The roast ducks, pork and soy chicken were going fast from the display window - and I saw a fresh batch of marinated chicken feet brought in form the kitchen behind.  

The PTT menu can be seen replicated across many such comparable Indo-Chinese themed restaurants across metropolitan areas in Australia today.    Many Aussies are familiar with now staple items like pork chops with tomato flavoured rice, beef Pho and hotpots of seafood.   I was more curious as to why many people would line up at TT for lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner s…

Qianmen Beijing