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Sydney Chinatown Night Markets

Sydney Chinatown markets are held every Friday evening currently from 4pm at Dixon Street Mall in Haymarket at the southern end of Sydney city centre.   Not only are wares, souvenirs, craft and street food offered from China, you can see influences from Japan, Korea, Vietnam and more.   Most of the stalls are located in the section of Dixon Street from Goulburn Street junction south to Market City and Paddy's Markets.

Jarern Chai Boon Thai Cafe - Sydney

"Watch the world  go by, be Happy."  These words are hidden somewhere in the small font, tightly filled up brown paper menu.   Welcome to the Jarern Chai Boon Cafe.

You are encouraged to not be shy about eating with your hands.   Brined, pickled and fermented creations are offered with still fresh herbs.   Lots of mince, crab meat, various salad or grill options and choices in condiments or garnishes.  Variations with condensed milk, brown rice bowls, sourdough, eggs, noodles and teas.

Coffee is by Single Origin roasters, Paradox Blends for shots and the Killerbee variety for milked coffee.  The former has bitter sweet chocolate, spice and forest berry undertones on the tongue.  The latter has notes of tropical fruit, toffee and dark honey.   Oh yes, there is also the traditional Thai coffee or red teas, in iced and hot servings.

Providing Sarni cuisine by day and Isaan fare by night, the Boon Cafe is a refreshing change from southern and central Thai food normally availabl…

Marrickville NSW

The Cooks River is nearby and this suburb of Sydney is named after a village in North Yorkshire in England.  Before the influx of young artists, musicians and professionals starting around ten years back,  Marrickville seemed destined for gentrification.  Its location relatively near to the city centre in sprawling greater Sydney, plus good transport links, helped nurture its current transformation.

Now there is an annual Marrickville Festival, a local arts tour since 2011 and live music venues, most notably at the Factory Theatre. Australian singer Shannon Noll famously shot one of his music videos, for the track Lift, in Marrickville.  The impression Marrickville gives to me is first, one of an essentially residential corridor, but currently diversifying from its light industrial zones to artisan produce corners, new style cafes and maintaining its music gig scene plus multi-cultural cuisine options.

The Corinthian Rotisserie at 283 Marrickville Road is a focus of Greek delights, …

Sydney Harbour Revisited - Summer begins


Bulli Foragers Market - NSW