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New Zealand Remembers - Te Papa Wellington 2015

The Great Adventure, that is how it is referred to at the Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa - to commemorate, reflect and remember  the great and deep sacrifice made by individual New Zealanders joining British another troops from the Commonwealth in the Great War from 1914, particularly at Gallipoli, Turkey.   In a remarkable set up at Te Papa, Te Aro, on Wellington's waterfront, are three bigger than life size recreations of three selected players of a real life saga - a supporting medic, a sniper in action  and a waiting digger.  

The Maori Regiment, New Zealand Engineers and the Mounted Rifles have their efforts and trials embedded in history.   Visitors can examine in confronting detail the lapels of uniforms, the dust on shoes and the expression on realistic recreated skin of the exhibits.  Rousing and yet haunting music play in the background, whilst visitors to the Museum are transfixed standing or sitting in the darkness.   I stood and yet moved with a group of widows who…

Katong Singapore

Tanjung Katong in Singapore has had its original shoreline moved as a result of land reclamation.  It once fronted a seaside, has a distinguished history of settlement by an eclectic mix of races from both Europe and Asia and is now touted as a hub of the surviving Eurasian and Straits Chinese culture and tradition in the modern day Republic. Not far from Changi Airport, on the eastern side of Singapre Island, Katong offers a cuisine and culture that stands out depute the multiculturalism and fusion that is today's Singapore.

Victoria Falls - By Helicopter


Clipper Restaurant, Commodore Legacy - Cape Town Breakfast Time

The staff are attentive for the dawn hour, conscious of your need and to ensure that your hot beverage of choice is always with you.  The tables can be packed close when filled up on a busy time but with table cloths of white and an extensive array of cutlery, guests know that are being pampered.  The variety of the breakfast choices is generous, especially for the breads, fruits and hot food.  Quality preserves are from the Stellenbosch area,  walnuts and cashew nuts are available and the eggs are meticulously prepared for customers according to their whim and fancy.  The coffee pouring waiter may seem to be a bit more serious that day but otherwise everyone else feels so relaxed and may not want to leave.   The breakfast starts as early as 630am if I am not mistaken and goes on till 10am.  Presentation, presence and peacefulness - those are the hallmarks of the Clipper.

The Clipper Restaurant provides sit down meals, ala carte and buffet, at the Commodore Legacy Hotel,which is loca…

The Black Marlin, Simon's Town - South Africa

You want to take a drive with your loved one along a scenic coast and surprise her or him with a relaxing meal.  You want to feel the breeze in your face and that of your special someone.  It is the weekend. You want to get out of the urban centre but not too far, maybe you both shall stay over night. Both of you love ocean views and the harvest of the sea.   You look forward to delightful ways of cooking with lobster, fish, prawns and shellfish.   You love retro architecture and heritage surroundings.  You prefer local produce.

Welcome to the Black Marlin, located in the Southern Cape,  with interfaces with the southern Atlantic waters, beautifully located.  You are welcomed with cuisine influences from both Europe and Africa  - grills, pasta, curry, steaks and pudding!   There are also other activities you can join pre and post meals.

My group ordered some black West Coast mussels apart from the three course lunch. I liked the accompanying sauce made with garlic sauce, cream and w…