The Art of Apparently Doing Nothing

When I do not know what to do.
This is comparable to standing at a five ways road junction and trying to figure out how to best handle the situation. I allow myself time - and enjoy the leisure of seemingly not reacting. My sub-conscious loves such opportunities - and provide better solutions and outcomes later from such scenarios.

When I am in denial.
Call it information overload, or sorting the variables before I recognise the cause and impact of things. This syndrome is perhaps best illustrated by the classic scene from a movie that's almost 80 years old - Gone With The Wind, based on the Margaret Mitchell bestseller novel. The housekeeper, in shock at the reality of impending childbirth for her Ma'am, walks away in a non-chalant manner and whistles. This is her personal way of coping with shock - and denial.

When I do deserve a break from the mundane.
I recall Friday afternoons after school, when the tyranny of commitment, structure and need to achieve dissolves in demand and urgency, when I can enjoy teenage hood and can hang out with mates. Things are unplanned and yet enjoyable. So it does not mean that my mates and I are not doing anything, we just reckon we do not have to worry about it, but just follow our hearts and inklings to fill in the magical hours at the start of a weekend.

When I do not need to do anything.
Have you had such hallmark moments, when the stars, Earth, Sun and Moon seem to come in perfect alignment? You can also say mate, family, boss and return on investments. It may seem remarkable, or coincidental, but guess what - you have worked yourself to deserve such a significantly positive dimension. What a sweet spot!

When I ride the wave.
There are occasions to harness the wind, the current or the flow set by external factors and beyond your control. This can be getting into the gravy train when the price is low, when there is a so-called window 0f opportunity or when an incentive or exemption can be utilised to your advantage. Enjoy the ride, but have an exit strategy and approach, just in case the wave goes down and the lollies stop coming.

When my reputation does it for me.

Increasingly, society and business thrives on speculation, perception and the value of intangibles.
The media, governments, religious groups, entertainment events and pricing systems depends on reputation. So should the individual, but definitely in a positive way, to bring more energy nurturing people, optimal thinking and personal growth your way.

When I download from cyberspace.

After one click, I can go to sleep and everything I expect is ready to roll the next morning.

When I procrastinate.
This can be a sub-set of denial, or not knowing what to do next. This can be after having a set of plans and then not making a decision. This can be after making an effective decision and then facing implementation roadblocks. This can result from being distracted and not focusing on the present. This can simply be a personal habit. Procrastination can have varying consequences - putting the matter on the proverbial shelf forever; re-visiting it later, with a better mindset; or just not achieving anything - or simply nothing.


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