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Truth and Tolerance

The twisting of truth and the manipulation of tolerance, I reckon, are two key threats to human dignity and world peace as we enter into the new year.   These two factors synchronise with the continuing trends in dehumanisation and marginalisation of the work, social and life experience for individuals.   

They underlie many of the critical factors causing contemporary major issues today.   

We have developed an environment where human interaction is lessened, dealing with artificial systems have increased and our individual privacy reduced.   

Our sanctity can be violated without us knowing,  our movements are being watched or monitored increasingly and influence forums can dictate to us without understanding better our concerns.   

Many of us are brainwashed into thinking that drugs and other forms of manufactured addictions can make us happy, but not the development of our inner selves.   Society seems to want us to rely on something and anything outside ourselves for calmness and happ…

Bombara Seafood Wollongong NSW

No longer are you required to collect your own cutlery like some years back.

The views are still lovely, offering different moods of the sea, escarpment and weather.  You can check out the surf from a vantage point or feel the breeze on your face and hair at the verandah.

Vehicle parking can be a pain at certain times of the day and night, especially during summer.   On Friday evenings in summer, there may be an outside food fete near the Lighthouse area.

The servings are generous, especially the platters, whether in the classic modern Australian style or those with a decidedly Mediterranean influence.  

Get dirty with your fingers, ask for any crab clamps, dig into the variety of sauces and cool down with wine or beers.   You may even come across an acquaintance, neighbour or good mate.  Families and couples, visitors or locals, they are all here.

Bombara Seafood is located at  the upper floor of the Fishermen's Coop Building at 1-2 Endeavour Drive, Wollongong Harbour, NSW.
Contact +61…

Bach Dang Canley Vale NSV

Sunday evening and the restaurant was well patronised, many tables with birthday celebration gatherings.  The several young staff were quick on their feet, spoke a variety of languages including Vietnamese and English and were well dressed.    In a two shop space, the interior was modern and you could see the street outside through windows.   There is easy ground level access from the street.

Welcome to Bach Dang, understandably an institution amongst the Indo-Chinese Australian community and which has been serving food for many years.  Even those outside this community have ventured here and generally provide a positive experience of this restaurant.    I could hear Teochew being spoken, this is a language of southern China, especially amongst Bach Dang's diners.  

Most tables had steamboat going.   It was a boisterous atmosphere, with smiling grandparents doting over their exuberant grand kids, with bearded brown haired hipsters seated beside their doe eyed black haired angels.   …

Element 6 West Ryde NSW

Within walking distance from West Ryde rail station and the Ryde Eastwood RSL, is  a gem of a cafe.  It is laid out in a contemporary style at street level, stereotyped small at the front  -  and I like the further option of more seating tucked away behind, over looking bush and providing some kind of a  private hideaway.   The Element 6 is located in suburbia, but has an ambiance like in a more hipster corner of Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong.   I understand that it has been running for around four years - and is the talk amongst my mates living in that north west corner of greater Sydney.

I quickly thought about Kin By US near Macquarie Centre and Big Tree House Cafe  at Calder Avenue in Rydalmere.   Perhaps I am comparing apples with oranges.  The menu offered at each of these three brunch and breakfast places are different, each offers a separate atmosphere but all do revolve around more than just coffee - it is the inter-weaving of ideas and ingredients, it is the philosophy of t…