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Unceasing Rain and a Daily Commitment

With the recent deluge of sky juice and presence of puddles, my mind began to wander inwards as I became less inclined to go out and I sank into a comfort zone of settling into watching moisture on leaves and water dribbling away on bricks, grass and tar.  I began to be more open to previously unexplored ideas or things that I did not have an opportunity to even come across when apparently trapped in the demeanour and routine of daily musts, wants and space. Why have certain and specific parts of my house hardly changed, the items not even looked into - and in my previous contentment I reckoned that I must have been too busy to even go there.  Then I faced the inevitable question of myself being too busy with what?  The significant question then moved into the space of my inner self, of why I have not even given a hearing to certain parts of my heart and soul?

There are the constant things in life to attend to - the leaves blocking up on the roof gutter, the sky light getting dirty a…

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