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Twenty Years

The days count towards my 20 years in Australia. What are my top twenty things I cherish from this stay in this big dry land?

A penchant for lamb from the land and opportunities to mingle with almost every culture from around the world.
Understanding better my Straits Chinese roots.
Sunday nights having home cooked dinner in Carlingford.
Thankfulness for having a network of truly great mates and relatives.
Rearing goldfish and listening to the rhythmic bubbles of the aquarium or the water bamboo spout feature.
Ability to refresh my inner soul and social side with family and good overseas friends each Lunar New Year.
Lanterns that light my way outside my house.
Inspiration from special individuals whom I have been fortunate to know.
Amazement at the amount and quality of printed media in postboxes, newspapers,magazines...until cyberspace took over.
Understanding my Cantonese roots.
Salmon grilled, steamed or added to pasta.
Tingling at driving sensations over a variety of roads, sceneries and we…

Chinatown Groceries

A Selection of Pick-Me Ups from Chinatown Grocery Shopping -
Top L to R:
Thai chicken seasoning mix; coconut cream and pho (rice noodle) soup stock;
Penang prawn mee condiments and dry noodle pack; sago dessert in Malacca palm sugar and pre-mix sauce for stir-frying pad thai (rice noodles Thai style).

Bottom: Seasoned sauce for steamed fish ala Hong Kong.

August In The City

Tamarind-flavoured crispy prawns, cold crispy glass noodle salad and pork belly roast garnished with fresh chilli cuts and a kick-up sauce - that was how I revitalised the early afternoon on a Saturday with Viv and Janie at Spice I Am near the Capitol Theatre, after enduring unusual traffic jams on the Southern Cross trying to get into Sydney's CBD. Sitting at a Mackers outlet near the Airport to ride out the snarling slow traffic did not help, but I was able to appreciate more the subtle and more obvious changes in a MacDonalds store as we head to the close of the first decade of the third millennium.

If one has only around eight hours to sample some shopper highlights in Sydney's CBD, I suggest this - find delightful surprises at the well stocked the Kinokinuya Book Store; immerse in the World Square multi-cultural shopping; enjoy the elegant surrounds of another era at the various levels of the QVB; stand and stare at the rush and hush along Pitt Street Mall; get surprised b…

Standing Out

Andy has an accent that reminds me of bangers, fish and chips. He was patient enough to adequately answer my questions on the Sony T900. I thought he may have been on a year long stay Down Under, and he was doing well in customer focus, with a genuine smile and show of interest. How refreshing and different from some sales people at white goods, furniture or electronic stores. Andy stood out like "I want to buy from him" at Moore Park in Sydney's east.

The same enthusiasm was shown by staff at a modernly adorned restaurant serving Japanese food in suburban Eastwood, north-west of Sydney CBD. Janie had recommended the place for dinner, a contrast to the tone set by the majority of the nearby businesses. Information was written on glass platelets above where we sat. Although space was at a premium, solid tables supported customers who were seen to be relishing their food, especially the ramen and the bentos. Customers who did not book ahead were content to wait on this Satu…

Catching Up, All Over

Kit, Bee and Kev at the Prima Tower, Singapore July 2009

On the Farm - Bee, Roy and Kev on Sentosa Isle

The Campbells on the 8th of August, 2009

Neil and Yeen Yee at their summer wedding

Bee and Kev at airline promotional fair in Singapore, or maybe Provence

Kev Yong and Nieve Campbell - a pleasant Saturday afternoon at the Pymble Golf Club

Catching Up, Class and All

At the Ipoh Old Town kopi tiam, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, July 13, 2009

Coffee break, Novena, Singapore, 17 July 2009

The vegetarian do near the Old Sentosa cinema site, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Sydney Sentiment

Twilight at Circular Quay 1 August 09

Sydney's Apple Store, second largest in the company network

Town Hall in the heart of the CBD

Dusk at the iconic Harbour Bridge