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Hardware Societe - Melbourne CBD

So is it worth the effort to make it in at last into the Societe?  The coffee is satisfying, as it should be.
Seasonal produce is emphasised here and so gives a bit of kick to the menu.  There is an Euro layer over the modern Aussie breakfast.   It provides for gluten free requirements, but do read the details below some interesting named items. It is open everyday from 730am-ish till early arvo.  There are Spanish, French, savoury and sweet themes in your choices.  There are both indoor and outdoor seating.   Service is mostly focused, with staff speaking professionally, although at times the food can take more than the usual wait time (hey, the kitchen area is not large).  I did notice that my deep fried roast chicken was a bit off that morning, but otherwise the staff were good despite the market crowd conditions.  I adored the taste of my hard boiled eggs and the avocado spread on my bread. The Societe can be akin to a warm gathering of school alumni members, each connected with…

Two Birds One Stone - Toorak / South Yarra, Melbourne


Grub Food Van - - Moor Street, Fitzroy Melbourne


First Moon for Hayden Yeap - January 2015 Melbourne


History May Repeat Itself.... if You Choose To

AS I took the opportunity to cull my household stuff recently, my subconscious was swirling in perceptions, held truths, facts and trends. What stood out in my mind was whenever I disposed of something out of the garage door, I realised that I am also bringing in something similar, albeit new, apparently fresh, through another entrance. Is the human condition meant to collate, accumulate and hoard - not just in physical goods, but also in memories, friendships, food and more?

Logistically it is impossible to hang on to everything in tangible form and each of us have tho make decisions to let some go. Then comes cyberspace, the ICloud, Dropbox and whatever changing forms of seemingly endless ways of retaining endless things forever - and I get initially sucked in with this idea and virtual reality, till my internet mailbox has over flown more than my household postbox. Is the human mind conditioned to thrive in abundance, or has these past few decades been a unique time of wealth, com…