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Bombora Seafood - Wollongong Harbour NSW

Located a floor or two above the compact Wollongong Harbour, Bombora can mean different things to various people.  To me it is a fish grill place, close to the supply source, in tune with Nature and sited to provide customers with sweeping panoramic views of both ocean and escarpment. To some others, who may not be so used to self service, it can be an experience collecting your own cutlery, drinking water, napkins and plates.  Yet to many others it is a casual relaxed joint that epitomises the Aussie beach side lifestyle and to soak in the sun and sea as well.   Vehicle parking can be rather limited on summery days.  There is  selection of drinks in the fridge but you can have your coffee, smoothies, organic teas, Aussie beers, cocktails, iced and other specially freshly made drink delights as well.  Yes, staff only serve you coffee at the very least but they get a chance to really work and cook where it counts - in the kitchen.  The wine list choice can be extensive, with equal emp…

A Possible Business Model

Common features of what I observe from successful businesses, old and new.

1. Keep the product or service simple.  Focus on what you do well, be they low or high margin.

2.  Keep the service experience in proportion to revenue and reputation drivers you and your business desire.   The primary aim of business is to bring home the bacon, but at the same time, less bacon arrive when customer and supplier engagement is not at optimal level.

3.  Be always mindful of costs. Rentals, staffing and supplies, they can tip or break.

4.  Identify and always be conscious of your chosen key business value - turnover, uniqueness or potential for growth.  How long do you plan to carry out your business?

5.  Select your business locations wisely, they can accelerate or bog down your business plans.

6.  The best advertising is usually word of mouth, whether you call it social media, off street chatter or just the sheer attractiveness of your product/service.

7.  Have up to a medium term revenue and bu…

Australia My Defining Moments First 25 Years: 15 September

I look forward to more....and below in no particular order, for the past.

My Australia 25 Years: Most Defining Matters I Wish Australia Has: Less Political Short Sightedness; Faster Wifi Speeds; Better Pay for Teachers; More Shared Australian Values; Less Emphasis on Gambling and Alcohol in Sport; More Late Night Shopping; Improved Infrastructure; Economic Innovation; Better truing and Developing Australian Youth; A More Assertive Independent Australian Stand on the International Stage; and better utilising the advantages of our rather remote location in the world.

Defining Moments in Weekend Markets - Kiama Seaside, Eveleigh Street Farmers Markets in Redfern Sydney.

Defining Moments in Party Gathering Fun, Chill Out and Creativity - the Curry Cook Off from Danielle, Shane Campbell and their girls, plus get togethers from the Teoh Family.

Defining Moments in Creative Expression - South Australian Museum in Adelaide, with the  world's largest collection of indigenous artifacts; St…

Hevan Espresso - Corrimal NSW


Balgownie - Home and Not Away


Mooloolaba Beach - Queensland


Moolooloba Aquarium, Queensland


Sunshine Coast - Maroochydore Queensland


Sunshine Coast Queensland - Moments and Reflections