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Ten Differences Between Wollongong and Sydney NSW

Ten Differences Between Wollongong and Sydney 1. Going to the Beach. On the Illawarra Coast, it does not involve a major pre-planned exercise just to get to the sand to soak in your toes, have a surf and get back home in under 15 minutes.
In Sydney, you over plan your route and time yourself to find vehicle parking. Then you sit on the sand to watch over your belongings, pay top prices for snacks and get stressed just trying to get home. 2. Utilising Public Transport. No prizes awarded to guessing which place has more regular trains or buses.
You have to know your time table well to make the most taking the Illawarra line of the railway network. You overwork your smart phone or watch at least two down loaded movies while sitting on your bum to get home. Even worse, you may have to stand all the way on trains fron Martin Place or Central in Sydney CBD to Sutherland, Thirroul, North Gong or Wollongong stations. 3. The Intensity of Road Traffic, if you are driving. The Illawarra Coast is abuzz w…


Clearing clutter makes us reflect, forces us to drop persistent habits and frees up capacity for change. Society makes us develop a regime and it is embedded in educational approaches, cultural norms and economic reward systems. So it is not surprising that change requires purpose, a determined effort and a re-questioning of our past rationale. There was a logical reason why we purchased that shirt, that can of produce and the gadget that lies around. Was it on an act of impulse, a gesture of self reward, a true need that so many years ago or an echo of sentimentality? Whatever the reason it was, it does not matter now that I realise I have not used it in the past 3 months. There can be that work office momento.
It can be that sensational cooking aid. There can be an accumulation of household stuff that once was utilised happily by more occupants. The reckoning comes with a limitation of storage space, less users and experiencing a different stage of life. In our throw away contemporary …