Freshwater Beach, NSW - What a Beaut Day

The South Pacific comes to mind, on a clear and sunny day. Freshwater,the first beach north of Manly in NSW, was once a privately owned estate, apparently with reference to a source or stream of such a resource in the early days of European settlement. Its neighbouring precinct of Harbord was also a personal asset. Today in the 21st century, both suburbs offer an unprecedented lifestyle, in both summer and winter, of immersing both visitors and residents alike in another world, only 30minutes north of Sydney's Harbour Bridge.

Pilu Restaurant at Freshwater is located on a site adjacent to the open ocean, or as it likes to state, "on the beach". We were there too early for lunch, so we settled for its adjoining kiosk, where I was taken by the rich chocolaty froth of its served cappuccino (image above) and accompanying pistachio biscotti.

The suckling pig toasted sandwich (image below), stuffed with rocket and more, made an easy snack on a lazy weekend morning. Associate this with beach break waves over a sandy bottom, a characteristic of Freshwater for surfing quality. It may be too popular for its own good, as the parking lots, sandy spots and water space tends to range from crowded to over crowded. The locals are generally okay if you stay within the boundaries and do not drop in too much. Freshwater hosted the first official historical surfing event in Australia, graced by the Duke himself. Visitors are advised to learn at the northern end of the beach and only go to the mid-section once one improves. Do proceed to the "alley"once you are truly confident, the alley being the southern end.


Charmaine said…
Our fav beach and beach cafe. Love the sandwich and coffee esp in summer whilst sitting on the sand.

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