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Chung Ling Alumni Association Petaling Jaya Klang Valley

Telephone Contact:  +603 7957 0318

Klang Valley - More Culinary Delights

Lunar New Year 2017

The Kumquats and the Oranges are iconic symbols of prosperity and gold in Chinese culture.

George Town - Barista Coffee

There are cafes and cafes in Penang and one cannot possibly have even the best of it all on one visit to the island.     There are unique non-coffee competitors as well - Ais Kacang, Cendol, Rosewater syrup,  cooling Cantonese herbal drinks, barley drinks and more.    So how do you size up and conquer the barista coffees available in George Town?   

One technique is to go by location.  There are several streets you want to walk by to explore.  Use the cuppa to break the regime and perk up when required.   Coffees go with a meal and are great to counter balance the variety of street foods available in Penang.    Having a shot at a cafe seems to be the preferred way to get to chat and relax after hours,e especially at night, in Malaysia.  Unlike hipster espresso outlets in Australia, which close mostly by 3pm, here in George Town, you have extra hours to check out more cafes.

The strength, texture and flavour of the ubiquitous coffee blends can be your guide to chalking up your visits to …

Penang Moments - George Town

Wollongong NSW Revisited