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Chapel Street Melbourne - Unique Cafe in A Garage


Sushi Studio, Neutral Bay - Sydney

Sited in the hub of Nippon cuisine in Sydney's lower north shore, Sushi Studio emphasises on Nigiri, but what I discovered was the variety of other creative dishes from a multitude offered in an extensive menu.  I reckon their interesting speciality is rather in the small but creative snack dishes that one may not find sufficient eaten on their own, but stand up to promote diversity and delectable experiences for the palate when shared.  So when a group of five was organised, I jumped dot to the opportunity on a rather busy Friday evening, populated by revellers across pubs, trendy cafes and ethnic restaurants. Sushi Studio has also made available a sake tasting degustation.  The place was recommended by a restaurant co-owner from Bondi Junction, the other significant hub of Japanese residents in the greater Sydney area.

Wagyu beef and eel are both served in rolls and you must try the seafood carpaccio.
The sake list includes Otokoyama from Hokkaido, Hakkaizan from Niigata and the…

Melbourne - Busker

Melbourne Vignettes - Summer 2015


Fitzroy, Melbourne


The Making of Ang Koo

Glutinous rice flour. Edible red food colouring. Fresh banana plant leaves. A bamboo steamer. Deft experienced hands. Mung beans. Some sweet potatoes. A carefully chosen wooden mould for beautiful tortoise top patterns. Mindfulness that the dough does not stick to the mould. A sense of expectation. Ability to form tight  balls in a size to fit the mould you use.  Warm weather helps, like back along the Straits of Malacca or beside the South China Sea.  Have friends and relatives help out!

Yamato Japanese - Liberty Square, ANZ Tower, Sydney CBD

Yamato - the name usually refers to an ancient reference for Japan up to the 8th century AD, but it also specifically indicates a province in Nara Perfecture in Honshu Island.  The Nippon script for this name is a combination of characters meaning great and harmony.  The Yamato Izakaya in the heart of Sydney CBD is an oasis huddled away amidst the teeming streets of Koreatown, a corporate banking building and looking out into a modest plaza.  Guests are greeted enthusiastically and with a verbal fanfare. The ingredients utilised are fresh, the pricing is value and the service is friendly and responsive.  On Thursdays and Fridays, complimentary wine and ice cream is provided.  The ambiance is cool and away from the stark Sydney sunlight, but seating can be filled up quickly during popular days.

Yamato serves cod, soft shell crab, salmon and scallops - and what I love best is their sushi bento, as opposed to deep fried tempura.  The servings are generous especially for an office workda…