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The Sheer Airiness of Meaninglessness

The emerging sunlight promises to come gradually, and then blasts full on, literally, like a spotlight shining suddenly into the calmness of his developing dream. Shucks, he had forgotten to close the window curtains – or did he leave it open on intention, to receive the benign effects of last night's moon glow?

Oh yes, another day, another promise of new things beginning. Or is it? What used to be the thing that made him want to jump out of bed and look forward to the possibilities of a new day, had just, well become, just mere possibilities.

His optimism had been progressively whittled by the cumulative acts of an uncaring culture, bred and nurtured by selfishness, the inability of most to see beyond the confines of their narrow thinking and the provincialism of a few go-getters who did not realise that they could not flex their perceived might beyond their little pond of existence.

He observed that most others had withdrawn into a kind of so-called protective shell in a knee-je…

Inspiration from Suzy Domingues

I would like to share with you some of the image creations of Suzy Domingues, whom I am privileged to meet and know through mates.

Before Take-off

Wood Mushroom (above)

Rainbow over cloudsea

Native Plant

Pelican Dance