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Hong Kong Culinary - Unexpected Gems


The Anchorage Restaurant, Wollongong Harbour NSW - Recent Visits


Korean and Japanese Culinary

There can be a camaraderie of the cave when dining the cuisine of north-eastern Asia.    Whether it is due to the colder weather, the cultural imperatives or the nature of the food, one feels warmer inside and it is like a return to the sanctity of the village you know with your heart.

There is an emphasis placed with hot temperatures on the stove.   The Ramen stock soup must be sufficiently hot, and it is a breach to serve lukewarm.   The coals under the hot plate at your table are kept a constant watch by the Korean restaurant staff as you place the sheer thin slices of beef or belly pork to get them going. Teriyakirequires a hot plate that provides texture and seals in the flavours of the slices of marinated meat.   The warmth  of the cooking is matched by the warmth of the wood, decor and design of the layout of the place you eat in.  And then you embrace the warmth of the company at your table.....

It can be an eye opener watching how the Korean staff handle the hot metal and conta…

Hong Kong Culinary Sampling


Wartime - Games and Realities

How do you defend your borders and integrity as a nation?
Are you surrounded by neighbours who have a different cultural and political emphasis? The historical question is how you deal with and manage such entities without compromising your core values and political existence. One is to actively engage and cooperate with them, integrating mutual interests like trade and economic growth to the extent it will become disadvantageous to be embroiled in a conflict. 
In an inter connected contemporary world, it can be unwise to practice isolationist policies and attitudes. The benefits of providing cosmopolitan environments nurture skills, talents and knowledge in your own territory. 
However, the question remains as to how you control the proverbial Trojan Horse within your country - those elements that can reveal and show their true colours of allegiance in the event of a conflict. Many multicultural countries will have to deal with this significant factor. 
Another critical consideration is …

Hong Kong - Barista Journey

The Cupping Room is sited on the ground floor at 299 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan, not far from Central Hong Kong Island.  Best to use the MTR station for access, the cafe is in a rather characteristic suburb with ambiance, all types of small businesses and a feeling of old Hong Kong.   

The Cupping Room has a breakfast and brunch menu - I tried the Eggs Benny and I loved it!     The coffee, a Melbourne  inspiration,  was to my taste lighter than I anticipated and with a creamy after feel - I initially recalled Anthology cafe in Brisbane CBD but that had an oomph about it.   Still, in 2013, the Cupping Room was the home of the winner of the Hong Kong Barista Championships.

Bull & Bear Cafe & Restaurant - September 2017

It was an occasion for a blokes' lunch  - one of our party had sung praises about the Tapas like creations and we could hardly wait!   There are sort of two levels at the B & B, one at street ground level and then a quick step up on the side to the right to an inner chamber, where groups gather, with all female hang outs, families and singles.   There is a licensed bar, the place has a rustic feel and one feels as if a hang out party is about to begin at one corner of the place.

There is a Iberian or Mediterranean feel about the menu and place.  I instinctively think of Siesta after our meal.  However, it was not warm the day of our dropping by the B & B, the winter had not fully blown its oceanic winds in this seaside region.   So my palate was ready for something grilled, and there they were.   The chicken on skewers is always a winner with me, here accompanied with cool cucumber and dips.   I am a sucker for croquettes - what we got was exquisite, with a rather crispy ex…

Taiwan Markets, Chatswood Mall NSW


Australian Universities - The Customer Perspective

It is reported there are currently 300000 university students from outside Australia studying in our nation's universities. 
This number of students is larger than the population of the greater Wollongong area, from Helensburgh down the coast to Shell Cove. Wollongong is ranked as the tenth largest conurbation in Australia.
These students pay full fees, do not get subsidised public transport in most cities but do contribute to the local economic areas in spending for accommodation, food and daily amenities. Several universities in the capital cities have a significant number of such students, like from China, India and south-east Asia. 
Do such International students socially mix with their local fellow students and vice-versa? Many are allowed to work for a capped ceiling number of hours, especially in retail outlets. Graduates of Australian universities are encouraged with bridging visas to continue staying on if they can find related work. 
International students are a critical par…

Hong Kong Island Revisited 2017