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A Pause and A View - February 2010

Lunar New Year treats

The Art of Having Street Food (Image Credit - R Lim)

Early 20th Century Marble Top Table and Bicycle (Image Credit - R Lim)

Catching Up Conversations with Mate (Image Credit - R Lim)

The View Towards Mouse Island (Pulau Tikus), Penang and Kedah Peak

Curry Not In A Hurry

Another Time, Another Place

Heritage, a huge responsibility, can be interpretated in various ways. In the face of daunting social and economic challenges, succeeding generations do face obstacles in continuing and enhancing their special heritage, whether in the heart, language used, actual practice, religious beliefs or in physical expressions of such. Heritage is no stranger to adversity, and in fact are born and shaped when challenged and experienced. Heritage requires leadership to continue, be flexible when faced with a passing parade of circumstances and somewhat preserved when transferred to differing environments.

Heritage can take the best of other cultures interacted with, but also must have a strong core to survive and provide reliability. To maintain heritage requires a supporting system to pass it on, and this system must have all the bells and whistles to make it practical, fun and also be passionate about. Heritage can be marketed through cuisine, architecture, history, uniqueness, mass presence or…

Without A Care in the World

Tea at Winter Warmers, Gurney Plaza, Georgetown, Penang (image credit - R Lim)

Lazy tropical afternoon at Vale of Tempe Road, Penang Island

A touch of elegance (Image credit - R Lim)

                                    Sky, sea and sand - February 2010 Penang Island

Nephew Chung Shen at the Penang Swimming Club before watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief  (image credit - Yong Su Hui)

Simply Smashing Samplings

There are moments. And fulfiling moments.  The palate has to be teased and lovingly cared for at times. We need not take much, but an opportunity to sip, savour and relish is all I ask.

Every American knows beef jerky. What about the pork versions.  Throughout East Asia, especially in the bustling cities of Taipei, Hong Kong, Singaporeore and Kuala Lumpur, you can find delight in those with pork. Pork jerky is traditionally served flat, oily and munched well with bread. Recently, in my sojourn back to South-east Asia, I found a new fangled version to taste - pork jerky suasages.  Only about two to three inches, they look less fatty, are in perfect size for cocktails and are absolutely delicious. I shall never get those standard sausages from Woolworths or Coles again.

Sashimi, South Indian mee rebus, roti pancakes, bottled birds nest soup, arrowroot flavoured chips, hazelnut-tinged white coffee, Indonesian-styled ice kacang, wok-ky good stir fried hor fun noodles - I went through all o…

Heritage Food to Savour

Vegetarian Fujian-inspired poh pniah wrap rolls and South Indian pasembor salad, both with a chilli kick at the Brown Gardens, Penang Island (image credit - Bob Lee)

Kaya toast set with a local cuppa of coffee and savoury Indian mee rebus, Killerney Road Cafe, Singapore

The rice overwhelms the meat - bee tai bak - in a braise pot, Kelang Valley, Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur

Penang-styled curry noodles, with touches of cockles, chicken blood coagulates and a healthy boost of fresh chilli paste. This version was found at the New World Park, Georgetown.

Good for a meal at any time of day or night, the Cantonese-inspired chow hor fun (wok stir-fried flat rice noodles) at the Bee Hooi Coffee shop, Pulau Tikus, Penang Island

Freshly caught garoupa in curry, OG Restaurant, Georgetown, Penang

A glimpse of my aunt Kuchai's home made feast for the Lunar New Year of the Tiger - Indian inspired prawn curry (background) and Penang delicacy lobak rolls