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Green Peppercorn - Fairfield Hotel Sydney

Northern Thai and Laotian restaurants offer a cuisine which can be refreshingly different from Bangkok or southern Thai dishes.  There can be the conspicuous absence or less use of coconut milk and more emphasis on charcoal grilled meats.  What captivated me is also their rendition of deep fried battered ice cream, in this case at the Green Peppercorn, served with a garnish of coconut muesli, raisin and butterscotch sauce.  I reckon the batter they utilise is much better in texture and flavour than those from Singapore or Chinese restaurants. The Green Peppercorn in Fairfield opened in July 2012 - it is family run, can seat around 150 guests, has parking street side on  both sides of the hotel and avoids a capital city feel of congestion.

Green Peppercorn at the Fairfield Hotel is modern, brash and with a spacious outlook.  I love the bird cages hanging over one part of the dining room, albeit sans the singing birds.  Fairfield is a working class suburb with a huge IndoChinese and Ar…

Classic Georgetown - The Tau Sar Peah

Discrimination, Disdain and Destruction

There is no forgiveness at the height of war.  Justifications, perceptions and higher purposes reign mighty on both sides of a conflict.  The fight between perceived evil and good - as echoed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy of novels - is as real as dignity, indignation and inner respect. Conflicts arise from opposing agendas.  I am amused when a community is willing to suffer economic and other deprivations, as the price of and with the intent of a bigger agenda and purpose, even when it emphasises exclusion, unforgiveness and no basic human values for some and not all.  Wartime can imply not just obvious physical acts of inhumane episodes involving arms, threats and fear, but also the slow eroding process of unsettling and de-recognising specific groups of people.   Which is harder or easier, to break down the inner resolve of a targeted community that is not liked or to bombard them with injury or death?

Blatant discrimination has occurred throughout much of modern human history, …

Classic Georgetown - Charcoal Fired Wok Stirred Char Koay Teow

CRC Chinese Restaurant - Georgetown Penang

Guilliame - Sydney

Canberra Revisited - Spring Time

Are there only two good times a year to be in Canberra, March and September?  If this is true,  here are my latest reflections on this inland city that is the capital of Australia.   Apart from the museums and Government related sites or institutions to visit, Canberra is also a place to get fit, soak in the fresh air and enjoy the views.  If you are a foreign diplomat or Federal Government officer, then you do call this valley home.  The big lights and crowds of other cities are far away and you can huddle and embrace this unique experience - or soak in a research or academic atmosphere of the universities.  Generally Canberra is a great homely place to bring up families - and then send the children to the so-called big and bad world outside.  They then return as adventurers, achievers, experienced brothers or sisters - and re-seek comfort in the broad avenues, quiet resilience and cocktail parties of what is always a home town.

Singapore - Snippets Around the River