Asian Food On The Run Too

Crunchy and addictive yeow char kwai, or deep fried flour sticks, (above) are often eaten on their own as a snack or cut into bit sized cubes for soaking with porridge during breakfasts or late night suppers. Below, roast duck slices, with skins on, are a favourite with steamed rice for a quick meal.

In Vietnamese or Cambodian cuisine, dry rice noodles are an ubiquitous ingredient to mix with roasted peanuts, grilled meats and a choice of fresh aromatic herbs in a bowl. The significant choice of this dish is in the blending of tastes and textures on the palate. (below)

I never had a drink based on the unique flavours of the soursop fruit (above) but a welcome

plate of stir-fried rice noodles with your choice of sliced meats, bean sprouts and chives (below) is always reliable. I particularly love the Penang version called char koay teow.


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