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Credit for photo above: J Cheam

Photo credit: K Sheridan

Photo Credit: E Purdy

Above: Caitlin's rainbow

Photo Credit:  E Yap

Not The Way to Do Business

A few weeks ago I took the Sealink from Cape Jervis in South Australia to Kangaroo Island.  Most of the passengers came from Europe, were all snugged up for the sea crossing and had an inherent interest for the outdoors, wildlife and adventure. Visitors on the Sealink can either drive in their own vehicles or join group tours operted by Sealink itself.  Some stay overnight or longer on Kangaroo Island, others take the fully packed and time tight day tour on a circuit round the isle.

I joined the one day coach tour operated by Sealink itself. The lunchtime caterers for a sit down meal were friendly and food served was within our expectations for that kind of location.  Around 1200 people currently populate Kangaroo Island, which has no industries but lots of land, wind and native or introduced animals.  Human tourists can watch animals roaming mostly free in the habitat rather than in cages or fenced off areas. My best experience on the island was the effective and friendly interaction …

Passing Thoughts Around Richmond

The narrow roads contrast with the expanse of the plains surrounding the Hawkesbury as the river meanders down from the foothills of the Blue Mountains. The intense aroma of fresh grass finds its way to my nostrils. A various range of buildings, from brick through wood to tinshed, dot the landscape. Young gum plants are lined up in rows to ensure a food source for koalas. The Blue Mountains are not far away, but retain a plateau-like presence on this rather amicable day, and yes they do indeed have this tint of blueness for colour.

Tucked in the north-west, as far away from the Big Smoke centre of Sydney, but still included in its greater area statistics, lies Richmond, part of New South Wales Governor Macqaurie's inland drive from Sydney Harbour more than a hundred and twenty years ago. I had been to Windsor in recent times, but not this other major centre only fifteen minutes by car from Windsor. Nestled not far from the main road to the Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens (one of the …

Close- Ups

Credit for Images above in this Snapshot: J Cheam

Credit for Image above: D Campbell

Credit for top Two Images: J Cheam

Wet Day Around Wollongong - 25 October 2009

All image credits in this Snapshot: J Cheam

Passing Thoughts Around Adelaide

The cuckoo clocks in Harndorf village looked like they just belonged there. From miniature setups to those that reminded me of grandfather clocks, the wood was resonant of the Black Forest, its ambience and tales of its shady corners. Imported from the northern climes, they have settled in the Antipodes. It was fascinating how a German community recreated a previous but well loved lifestyle and tradition on a new land. In so doing, they contribute to the richness of their chosen abode and weave a new tapestry on to an ancient land.

On that Saturday morning, I was recommended to get lunch at a shop calling itself Belly Pot, and the lamb version I chose did not disappoint - chunky, wholesome and full of flavour. The outlet was not cozy in setting, but what mattered was what it produced. I wondered about the name of the business, but realised that the pies they made were indeed belly pot sized.

The cured spicy pork salami at A Taste of Harndorf was of Spanish inspiration, peppered with spi…

On Kangaroo Island

Island with the best air quality after the Antarctic

What a life - the guide briefing visitors on sealions living at Seal Bay

Kevin Yong at Hanson Bay, south-east of Kangaroo Island

Photo Credit: S Burt

Kevin Yong on the approach to the Remarkable Rocks

Photo Credit: S Burt

Landward side of seal residence - sliding slopes and relative warmth

Abode of Aussie Sealions at Seal Bay

Show Eagle doing his stuff during presentation on south side of Kangaroo Island

Leaving Cape Jervis behind on the SA mainland and heading for Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island

Deserted beach on Kangaroo Island near Seal Bay, 11 October 2009

Harbour at Cape Jervis, around 100km south-east of Adelaide CBD

Sealink Ferry plying between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw

In The Barossa

The Lifestyle, South Australia October 2009

Contraption and Natural at Grant Burge Showroom

Arrival from Faraway - German Immigration to South Australia

Entrance to the Chateau Dorrien

Misty Memory of a Family Settling On a New Land

Around Adelaide

Vineyard Budlings in the Southern Spring outside the Chateau Dorien, Barossa Valley SA

Charming Village only an hour north of Adelaide CBD, SA

The View along a Forest Walk in the Mount Lofty Ranges, SA

Nursery wall display in Harndorf, Adelaide Hills, SA

The outdoor passion atop the Mount Lofty lookout point, SA

Trellis of mulberries over courtyard at Grant Burge, Barossa Valley SA

Impressions from Adelaide

It was just both fascinating and relaxing just to stroll along the several lanes leading to Rundle Street Mall. I was more than delightfully surprised. There were gems of shops, heritage stones, oases of bushes and flowery gardens and the straightness of good surveyed planning from days past. One lane brings me to the South Australian Art Gallery, another takes me to the main thoroughfare of King William Street and yet one more hides a well stocked lolly shop.

Adelaide always has a special place in my heart. The historical connections between my hometown of Georgetown, Penang and this outpost of hope and order surrounded by the dry South Australia landscape may seem unlikely. Yet, a series of remarkable events led to this unbreakable bond between a tropical island and a very well planned city. Captain Francis Light and his son Colonel William Light have each carved out their unique individual marks in this part of the world.

The question of water supplies in Adelaide posed a different…