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Burnt Orange - Mosman NSW

A sprig of lovely and fresh mint leaves is presented inside your water jug.  The staff are attentive, approach guests with a smile and are focused on prompt delivery - coffee is served rather not soon after you mention them.  

We step on to relatively wide indoor spaces, with sandstone walls and wooden floor boards, a rustic feel and a good sense of natural surroundings.  Sue and I had not caught up for some time now, and what a rather good place to see each other again and chat.   There is a rather refreshing presence of Burnt Orange here, with boats and yachts hidden behind foliage on a calm deep blue perfect bay.   We are not far from the Big Smoke of Sydney but we can forget about Sydney here, us huddled in a hidden corner of the Sydney coast.  I recall the nearby Gunners Barracks as well in this respect.

A cheeky, rather bold and seemingly domesticated black and white feathered bird - the Magpie Lark - sauntered under the tables an chairs in the inner dining room.  It was rather pr…

The Point Milk Bar - Bulli NSW

There is an ice cream/gelato bar, with a small display of sandwiches, quiche, friands and the like. Kids have access to some stuff from the cafe to preoccupy their attention.

Only one staff member was covering the cafe when we were there.    The coffee may not have stood out (the Illawarra is very competitive in this aspect) but the juices and shakes are all right.  The view from the cafe opens up to a road junction and houses.  Vehicle parking is by the road side.  Amongst the people I know, there is a perception that prices for things are higher here but it is up to each individual to visit and check out.

The Point Milk Bar is located at 40 Point Street in Bulli NSW, with the nearest cross road being Southview Street.
Contact + 61 2 4267 2850

George Town and more - February 2016


Sonoma Bakery Cafe - Waterloo NSW

Sonoma breads use simple ingredients like sea salt, sourdough starters and organic flour.  Their signature creations are the Sonoma Miche, with a stand out caramelised crust and the SonomaMission, with a contrasting inside of custard feel covered by a golden chewy crust outside.   There is also the pervasive and unique smoky flavour.....

The inspiration for Sonoma bread came from the delights of wood fired ovens and naturally fermented ingredients.   A hundred year old mixer from Bellata NSW came into the picture, together with some California influence in the form of American Allan Scott.  Bellata lies in north central NSW between Narribri and Moree -  and was the home base of the Sonoma founder's grandparents.

Standards like soy and linseed plus walnut fig and raisin are available along side an eleven seed loaf and a Kalamata olive and herbs combo.   The bite and look of the various breads here do stand out as being different.

Muesli cookies are lovely to me but you can also ha…

It was the Night before Easter

Tradition tells us more than two thousand years ago, a wandering couple could not find a place to rest for the night. There was no shopping, no seafood to rush for, no traffic jams, no rich sugary snacks, no holiday, no hams and the most important gift was already with them, but yet to come. The only lights were the stars in the night sky. All they had was sheer determination, hope and purpose. And they were turned away at many places along the way.

Even then this couple found a barn and their infant was born in such unassuming circumstances.

Fast forward around three months and two thousand years later. The Bunny and Bilby chocolates are wrapped in paper gold like glint and wait on shop and supermarket shelves.   The climate turns to cooler in the southern parts of continental Australia.  Many families are looking forward to a four day weekend.  Many are planning driving trips across some corner of this vast land.  Some families catch up, some others go camping.  The air is nippy in…

Lox, Stock & Barrel Deli Diner - North Bondi NSW

This deli diner is located not far from a junction between Glenayr Avenue and Curlewis Street - in a North Bondi village hub a few blocks away from the touristy strip that is Campbell Parade at Sydney's Bondi Beach.   It had been a glorious day near the waters, with the usual crowds, decent surf and pretty colours of the ocean that way.  We were looking for a feed, a late lunch.  Saturdays can be full of activity in the Bondi Beach area, especially the Farmers Markets at the Bondi Public School grounds - and now all we wanted was to sit down for a meal.

Lox, Stock & Barrel has built its reputation on being a delicatessen and based on this philosophy, they are careful and focused on the organic ingredients they utilise and harness for their culinary creations.    Capers, cream cheese, kale, pickled onions, dill creme and smoked salmon are pervasive in each menu offering.  There are several options for vegetarians like Fattoush,  a mix of spices, nuts, raw veg and herbs, all wi…

Cable Bay Dining Room, Waiheke Island - Auckland

They say one must also enjoy the scenery along the journey and not just the destination.

How very true of this for the SeaLinkNZ ride across Auckland Harbour and Hauraki Bay to an isle that is a well developed outdoor holiday place, especially when it is a long weekend in the middle of the New Zealand summer.   Apart from Rangitoto, Waiheke is worth getting away to for a taste of the Pacific and yet not venturing too far from the largest city in the region - Auckland.  Blessed with sloping pastures, winding topography and great ocean views from almost high point - Waiheke is perfect for brief weekend encounters, music gigs and lazy afternoons.

The ferry to Waiheke is not the same size as those ploughing Sydney Harbour, say to Manly Beach, for example, but it was double deck and the route it took outwards passed by the docks, the city skyline, other isles and bigger ships.  Then you leave the comfort of the mainland and skip over a short distance to Waiheke.   Ferries seem to have bee…

Pishon Patisserie and Cake Cafe, District Dining, Chatswood NSW

Tea and walnut cakes. Churros and green tea latte.  Recently available, tiramisu and two coconut flavours, with mango and strawberry.  Hot chocolate.   Dainty cups and pretty presentation. Breads, cookies and sandwiches. A chocolate Kipferl, echoing of German Nanas baking in the home kitchen when you visit, with aromas of almonds and vanilla.  A black sesame doughnut.  A mango and raspberry juice blend.  A niche of fusion between East and West, but mainly contemporary Korean.  Aussie fruits and ingredients.  Euro baking perspectives.  A Korean corner in multi-cultural Sydney.

We could watch the world nearby go by, people of all ages and demographics, passing by the side glass window.  Most of them were transiting from the trains or on their way to the nearby supermarket.  It was late in the evening, but many in the crowd were relaxed and seemed to be just starting the night.  A good gathering area for coffee and cakes.  In a cafe that opens early, the whole day and closes late.  This…