Eastwood Peking Seafood Restaurant Eastwood NSW

The Eastwood Peking has been around for many years.  Located at a corner of Rowe Street, near the famously busy crossing to the pedestrian mall,  it has a narrow frontage, a deep inside and a narrow place for customers to queue up, but under cover.   On a recent visit, I find the staff are well trained,  well costumed and with smiling faces for guests.   We commenced at 6pm for our table meal but there was the expected queue by 7pm.   The street outside can be busy with people and vehicles but one does not sense it.   It is worth reserving a table here instead of just walking in, especially at the usual meal times on busy nights.

Two years ago, this restaurant went so called green in the selection of electrical generation choices.  It also renovated by converting to LED lighting.

Beijing duck is what many come here for and it does not disappoint.    The roast skin is not over oily but firm and crispy.    One gets the usual shallot slices, Hoi Sin sauce, finely cut cucumber strips and the rather thin pancakes.   The staff do not serve the pancakes so we had to help ourselves.   We had the usual stir fried noodles with the duck meat left over after the skin has been sliced off.

I did find the pork belly that evening to have more than the expected layer of fat.  Moderate consumption of fat is now believed in certain circles to be good for the human body, in that it does help lower the risks of inflammation at various critical parts of the human body.   Fat does enhance taste in a way that other specific ingredients do not.   A person who does not consume any fat at all in his or her diet or nutrition intake may miss something.  

Interesting dishes to try include:

-  Snow Crab, essentially shredded crab meat mixed with egg white;
-  the assorted cold meat platter;
- braised duck meat soup with mushrooms; 
- braised chicken with snow peas and XO sauce;
- braised bean curd with chicken and slated fish;
- fried spare pork ribs with honey and pepper sauce; and
- braised sea cucumber with mushrooms.

My impressions of the Peking Seafood Restaurant visited in Eastwood NSW are:
Ambiance:   3 out of 5
Staff Engagement: 3.5 out of 5
Culinary Delight:  3.75 out of 5
X Factor:  3.25 out of 5
Overall Score:  13.5 /4 out of 5

The Eastwood Peking Seafood Restaurant is located at  167 Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW.
Opening hours are from 11am to 12 midnight every day.
Contact +61 2  9804 1289

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