Mr Happy Chef Noodle House Homebush NSW

The classic tomato flavoured rice that comes with pork chops, or as above, with deep fried chicken.

The crowds this time were not just lining up at Toan Thang, much celebrated in social media, but also two doors away at Mr. Happy Chef.   So our group of six persons decided to give this corner restaurant a try.  It was a public holiday and so many people were out and about, we just being lucky to have found vehicle parking spaces not too far away.   There is a relatively spacious walk area outside this restaurant - another plus in so called Asian suburbs!

Subtle but flavourful stock in soup served with Wanton dumplings and egg noodles.

As in such so called ethnic places, service can be devastatingly fast.   The soups do come piping hot, and my best dish experienced that day was the tomato flavoured rice with the deep fried chicken.    The chicken skin was crispy, the rice had sufficient oomph in flavour and the meat was happily good on the bite.   The prawn noodle in contrast lacked the required level of taste but the accompanying ingredients were all right.    The wanton dumpling soup was above average to my fellow lunchers who love Cantonese styled food.

Tender on the bite pork slices garnish a spicy soup brewed with ground shrimp, enhanced by shallots, bean sprouts and boiled eggs  -  the Mee Yoke or Prawn Noodles.

So there you go, one has to be selective in having dishes anywhere.   The buzz at Mr. Happy Chef is turnover, tight seating and friendly service.  One of my meal companions went for a quick drop by to get Western Australian nougat and another got the chopped barbecue meats next door.    There are, as expected, many items in the food and drinks menu at Mr. Happy Chef.

My Impressions on this visit to Mr. Happy Chef at Homebush West:

Ambiance:  2.5 out of 5
Staff Engagement: 3.5 out of 5
Culinary Delight: 3 out of 5
X Factor: 3 out of 5
Overall Score: 3 out of 5

The butcher is central to the social and business life in Flemington NSW.   This  is K.W. BBQ located between Happy Chef and Toan Thang.

Mr. Happy Chef Noodle House visited is located at Shop 11/90 The Crescent,  Homebush West, NSW next door to K.W. BBQ and Toan Thang Vietnamese Restaurant.
Opening hours are from 930am to 900pm every day.
Contact   +61 2  9746 8999

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