Ginger & Shallots Chinese Cuisine Eastwood NSW

The steamed Barramundi was what stole my heart and palate.    The medium sized serving exuded freshness, had wholesome bites of tender insides and was daintily decorated with green broccoli and thin slices of ginger.    Instinctively we look at the eyes of the fish for the quality of the fish.  The sauce was not over whelming but just at the right note.  Our appetites were enhanced further by this classic prepared seafood.   It played with smell, taste and vision.   I placed some fish slices on to the fluffy steamed white rice and  it opened my senses further.

Wok stirred veg can come to the table in various forms, some under in taste and others over done by strong ingredients mixed with them.    Personally I prefer the so called plain versions without chilli, salt fish or other flavours, so that I could go straight to the quality of the chosen veg and savour their natural character.   Chinese cooking uses garlic to bring up the taste of the main ingredients, wok heat to lock the released flavours in  and emphasise on texture to help the bite.    The veg is often sliced or cut finely to ensure quick cooking and still retain the taste of the veg.    The dish served by Ginger & Shallots above was very well executed, allowing us to still appreciate the originality of the veg, even if accompanied by all the wok tricks from a thousand years of tradition.

The test of a Chinese styled restaurant is how it handles the Tofu, or soft soya bean cakes, for it is in how the chef creates taste from just using a primary ingredient which is basically tasteless.    We chose the combination of salted fish and chicken bites with the Tofu to see if the chef passed the test that evening.    We were more than happy with the results in a dish served on a clay pot.

We have not visited other than at dinner time.   Pricing is practical and good value.    The place can get crowded fast, as it seems to be a gathering hub for youngsters and family groups.   Located in a bustling suburb with not a good reputation for easy vehicle parking, the restaurant can serve to be one of the many stops in a place with many food, drink and marketing opportunities.     There are stalls at the Rowe Street pedestrian mall near the railway station on Saturday evenings;    a daily dedicated food fair with mainly Taiwan street food;  Korean cafes and food outlets on one side of Rowe Street; and a buzz in the suburb that can beat the atmosphere even in Sydney's Chinatown.

Ginger & Shallots Chinese Cuisine visited is located at Shop 25, 1 Lakeside Road, Eastwood NSW on a site occupied by KFC umpteen years ago.
Opening hours are from 11am to 1am every week day and from 9am to 1am on weekends.
Contact   +61 2 9874 8066

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