2016 in Review

If I may indulge, the following are what I consider as striking developments on the world scene in 2016.

1)   THE HEARTLAND strikes back on the socio-political landscape in two major Anglo- Celtic nations, the UK and the USA.

2)  Where countries sufficiently ignore governance, ethics, morals and adopt extremism, racial narrow mindedness and political manipulation, the writing is on the wall - eventually.

3)  Never assume that the spectre of hyper inflation, unemployment and recession has been tucked away  - it is always at some hidden corners waiting to resurface, helped by people in power who prioritise themselves now over the interests of their country, their citizens and the future generations.

4)   Increasing mobility, not just in physical travel but in cyberspace and frontiers in communication, does not mean individuals become more social and interactive or get in touch more often.

5) More consumers change their smart phones more regularly than their wardrobe, bad habits and their mindset.

6) In the realm of protecting personal security for their citizens, why do most nations continue to be more reactive than pro-active?

7)  Despite claiming civilised behaviour and values, some things from history never change.

My own personal notables for 2016:

1)  Riding the High Speed Trains in southern China.   More nations should invest in such innovative and beneficial technology.

2)  I realised there are at least a million people sitting on passenger aircraft at any one moment in the sky around the Earth.  Why are there no innovative improvements in bettering the passenger embarkation and disembarkation experience - and why are most airports not better managed?

3)  The strong advent of streaming for home and personal entertainment heralds another example of disruptive technology on business.

4)   Central banks, mainstream media, politicians, embedded established wealth - are their connections stronger then ever?

5)   Processed foods, groceries and stuff look even more menacing as time goes by.


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