Si Ji Min Fu Restaurant Qianmen Beijing

Mung Bean snacks.

Thinly sliced pig's ears in a refreshing light savoury mix.

The branch of Si Ji Min Fu here in Qianmen runs on a unique profit sharing arrangement between owners, management and staff.    It is reported that this  Qianmen branch made a profit of 3 million Yuan in 2015.   

The service for my group of ten was impeccable.   The staff made sure of our dish orders and then they came out fast, delightfully filling up the table.   Being seated upstairs meant we could look at the upper floors of neighbouring houses, which remained low key, retro and had sounds echoing the street life below.

There was emphasis and care in preparing sauces, ensuring the texture of food and in the harmonisation of overall flavours.   One way I noted in ensuring the desired texture was in the careful slicing and presentation of meat.

There was a family enjoying their food on the next table - the atmosphere was like being invited to a good mate's home.   We were careful with the stair case in this narrow spaced shop but it was worth the effort, even if we could have sat on the street level.   There are other branches of Si Ji Min Fu elsewhere in the Beijing metropolitan area, but this was one that looked and was authentic, chosen by us on gut feel and offered an excellent meal between shopping, walking the lanes and taking it easy.

My impressions of the Si Ji Min Fu Restaurant in Qianmen, Beijing are:

Ambiance:  3 out of 5
Staff Engagement:  4 out of 5
Culinary Delight:  4 out of 5
X Factor:  4 out of 5  (the Beijing Duck)
Overall Score:   3.75 out of 5


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