Qianmen Beijing

The big kettle !   In a traditional food restaurant off a side lane.

Our pawed friends out for an early morning rumble.   Qianmen Emperors Avenue.

Hand pulled or Zha Jiang noodles, freshly made before the soup is poured in.  I note the rather fatty pork bits but most people I encountered are not obese, probably due to copious consumption of tea.   Two doors away from the Jing Tai Long International Hotel.

A demonstration of calligraphy.

Small serves of snacks you may consider from the touristy shops.

Tea sets are popular and come in a variety of designs and materials.

The Beijing suit, circa 2016.   Display from a tailoring shop.

One of those designs street side which caught my eye.

An impressive and interesting Chinese calligraphy related place along Qianmen Emperors Avenue.

Steamed buns with a dash of cooked meats inside are popular in Beijing, especially good in wintry weather.

A celebration of times past, with cultural icons like the abacus and echoing the spirit of trading and learning.

Off a side lane just after dawn.

There are various restaurants preparing Beijing duck.

A uniquely preserved architecture  - the upstairs balcony, glass doors and roof styles caught my imagination.

Starbucks at Qianmen is housed in a retro classical building.

The modern decor inside Starbucks, but notice the traditional windows as well.

Getting ready for the October 1st national holidays.

Rather large sized bird cages hung up as street decorations.


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