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Smashed avocado on sourdough with the 63 degree Celcius eggs.

Okay I have heard enough about not going for the Matcha waffles here.
However, a Wollongong based mate strongly tipped me off about trying the coffee at Anthology, which opened two years and have been earning accolades, which made me reflect on Ground Up in Toowoomba,  Proud Mary in Melbourne, Opus in Wollongong and Coffee Alchemy in Sydney.   The La Marzarcco Strada EP is used by Anthology as the main man, together with Mythos One grinders.

Anthology is within walking distance from George Street and not far from the Queen Street Mall and the Brisbane river side.   The cafe has a fresh and contemporary look, provides both indoor and outside seating and strikes me as spacious.   The food menu may seem limited, but I reckon here it is a matter of quality over quantity.   As with many contemporary cafes, the layout is one of openness, with the baristas and their machines playing a most important role.

As with any business success, crowds can make the customer perspective skewed if you arrive at the rush hour.  So to me, the trick is to wake up early, clear your mind at a reserve park and then top this up with Anthology coffee.   And this not just any blend that is fighting hard in a very crowded field in Australia.   Owner Adam Wang, who runs Anthology with wife Wai Yee, has a philosophy of providing a consistent surprise in the Australian variety of the coffee beans he utilises and so does not stick to one fixed brand in supply.

Blends used can be Drummer Boy from Geelong's Cartel Roasters, Daddy's Girl from Padre Coffee, Uncle Joe's, Dukes Coffee, The Mailing Room, Axil Coffee Roasters from Hawthorn, Proud Mary and Seven Seeds.   Anthology also emphasises the significance of choosing the right milk blend to go along with the already carefully selected coffee bean roast.   They utilise Bonsoy, Zymil and Maleny Diaries Jersey Milk.

And do not overlook the Cartel Special teas as well, if you are not a coffee fan.....

There is both outdoor and indoor seating with a two shop front facade.    One does not feel hemmed in like in an office lobby situation, nor a hipster  retro tight space in a really tight inner city suburb.    The look is fresh, punctuated by some sparing pots of plants, inviting interior floor space and an almost petite courtyard feel of sitting outside, though near the road.   I saw, again, the increasing trend of placing carefully presented toppings of pistachio, strawberry bits and edible flower parts on top of cream and more.

The female staff members  who interacted with us exuded enthusiasm in their way they went about things.    This adds to the whole experience  - people may just come for very good coffee,  but it is the so called icing on the cake that makes them committed regulars.   Granted that the scene in any cafe gets more intense as turnover of cuppas is important, it is how cafe owners and staff synchronise to provide a unique smooth encounter for customers that over rides all and brings in the positive uniqueness of the business.  For example, if you ask, the staff are observed for their willingness to detail more about their varied coffee selections.

Eggs Benedict Anthology style.

Both of us also looked forward to breakfast grub and we were not disappointed at all.    I had my usual test when visiting a cafe for the first time - the Eggs Benedict.  I note that the way Anthology prepares and presents its Onsen styled poached eggs is superb -   luscious, tasty and a class above.   SK had the smashed avocado on sourdough with the Onsen poached eggs.   Very careful thought has gone into the side ingredients as well - how the cherry tomato enhances, how the breads give contrasting bites and in the way they complement the main parts.

My impressions of the Anthology Coffee are:
Ambiance:  3.5 out of 5
Culinary Delight:  4 out of 5
Staff Engagement:  4 out of 5
X Factor:  4.5 out of 5  The coffee is just awesome smoothness, not overly bold, yet with rewarding flavour.  Also seek out barista David, besides Adam.
Overall Score:   4 out of 5

Recommended dishes from Anthology Coffee are:

Coconut Chia Pudding, with side fruit servings like blueberries and strawberries.
Salted Caramel Brownies.
Eggs Benedict, with a stand out 63 degree Celsius poached eggs.
Bacon and egg Paninni.

The Anthology Cafe visited is located at 126 Margaret Street, Brisbane, Queensland.

Opening hours are from  7am to 330pm on weekdays and from 730am to noon on Saturdays.  Closed on Sundays.
Contact +617  3062 7077

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