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Experience with IPad repair:

-  One must book an appointment on line and there is no live person who interacts with you at this stage.
-  It can be difficult to identify the web link or telephone number to get technical help.
-  After phoning a store, the customer gets to talk with live person but is still advised to book an appointment on line.
-  Walk in customers can wait up to two hours even when they are already present in the store.
-  Walk in customers are not provided a designated area to discuss their technical matters with the product they have bought.
-  There are few stores with Apple technicians, even in a major metropolitan city in Australia.

Experience with preauthorisation hold on credit card arising from three hotel stays:

-  Preauthorisation amounts are not refunded within the agreed period of maximum number of business days after a hotel stay.
-  Charge appears on electronic or hard copy credit card statement and then may be reversed without notification to the credit card holder.
-   Hotels I encountered state that it is the responsibility of the bank to reverse the pre-authorisation charges.
-  Bank involved state it is the responsibility of the hotel in any matter regarding the pre-authorisation charges incurred by the hotel guest.

Cooktop repair
- Expensive call out fee that can go up to  AUD 143.
- Repair charges are more expensive than buying a new cooktop.
- The technician says a steel surround is required and has already measured it.

On the day of installation of new cooktop, the installer says that he does not have the required steel surround with him - this is despite the customer getting confirmed by the call centre person that every thing is ready for installation.
The call centre person says she does not know the technical stuff and the related installer and technician have not posted their information to the central database even a few days after visiting the site of visit.

-  Technicians and installers caused damage to things around the kitchen and do not owe up, even not informing the customer in the first place.   


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