Super BBQ, Level 3 Food Court, Market City, Chinatown Sydney NSW

I had been tipped off by a family from the north-western corner of the greater Sydney area to try this outlet.

They always go for the roast duck.  Now this can be a tricky bird, as it naturally has lots of oily portions to keep the cold out.   I had eyed this Aussie guy smilingly collecting his noodles with the did look captivating.   So I had a test with the traditional mix - soy sauce stirred egg noodles, dumplings and roast duck.

I loved it and would return!   It also made me get takeaway boxes of the Char Siew and roast pork.   The former has a juicy tenderness and the latter has a crispy top over the succulent meat.    I can only compare with the barbequed meats at the Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant at market City Sydney Chinatown and with some of similar servings at Hawker. 

The roast duck has an oomph at this Super Chef BBQ.   Its outer skin is not dry and the meat inside has flavour.   Now there is no fancy orange and cherry stuffed inside here, it is just how the skin is hung so dry to capture the honey and other coatings done Cantonese style.

Super Chef BBQ visited is located at the Food Court, level 3, Market City, Haymarket Sydney NSW.

Opening hours are from 930am to 830am every day.
Contact +612  9211 3118

My impressions of the Super Chef BBQ are  focused on one thing - the luscious and tasty roast duck.   No Hong Kong styled goose though.....but prices charged charged are practical and service is fast at this takeaway.   The meats are not overly oily as found in other competitors.

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