New Chambers Greek Islands Taverna Sutherland NSW

We did get our Grappa to close off our meal.    John came up with this idea and we appreciated this, as we felt content, like back on an island village courtyard with the ambiance and buzz with mates and family.

Greek cuisine are a community thing, so share plates are always a good idea with these Mediterranean restaurants.  The menu may be male skewed, but then that could be related to the cuisine.    There is Haloumi but perhaps more salad creations can be valued by anyone of both genders to balance the meaty stuff and chips.   Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire for many years and at times I am blurred in my understanding of what is Turkish, Greek and Lebanese.

It was a packed Friday evening and the mostly young wait staff were quick on their feet.
Starters were to warm up the palate and we had the only salad then - the usual olives, tomatoes, Fetta Cheese and the like.    There was this pink salmon dip which was gentle but perhaps not strong enough for me.   

On the next opportunity, I would love to try the lamb Casserole, made with a heady mixture that includes Okra and the inevitable tomato.   I am also eyeing the grilled pork chops and the Zucchini fritters.   Interesting enough, the New Chambers also offers the GIgantes, Greek styled baked beans, something perhaps more suited for breakky time.

I am not fully a grilled meats person but i must recommend the quail and chicken offered as the mains.    That evening they were done just right, with a light smoky taste that also allowed the marinade and the meat texture to show.   The Ortikia or quail is my recommendation   - I like to split the bones, I savoured the well cooked meat and thought it was better than chicken or the lamb. 

What impressed me most was the dessert, but then again I am a dessert person.   I already  love angel hair pasta in savoury dishes and was amazed that they used this for the Kataifi, which turned out pleasantly not to be as sweet as the Baklava and the Bourekakia.     With nuts, lemon juice and cinnamon accompanying this dessert, Kataifi could have been a fusion creation in the Middle Eastern region from long ago.    Bourekakia is the Greek cousin of Borek in Turkey and are essentially flaky dough puffs with various fillings.

The New Chambers Greek Islands Taverna visited is located at Suite 47, 40-44 Belmont Street in Sutherland NSW.

Opening hours are from 12 noon to 2pm and from 6pm to 930 pm from Wednesdays to Fridays;  from 6pm to 930pm on Saturdays; and from 12 noon to 930pm on Sundays.  Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Contact +612  9542 2333

My impressions of the New Chambers Greek Islands Taverna are that it wants to be a party place and a village hub.   It helps when they organise their dishes into packages and share plates.  Its location in the southern suburbs may have a benefit as there is no hassle for vehicle parking like in Cronulla or in the inner city suburbs.  

My group of five adults and a child did not get to try the seafood but that is another test of how well the Greek food comes up.   There was an enjoyable atmosphere when we dined but we seated outside and not in the middle of packed tables at the back.    I found service was efficient and the stages of the set meal for us progressed well.

My impressions of the New Chambers in Sutherland are:

Ambiance:  3.5 out of 5
Culinary:  3.75 out of 5
Customer Engagement: 4 out of 5
X Factor:  3.75 out of 5
Overall:  3.75 out of 5

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