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Is the ultimate choice of a regular cafe in its coffee, food or ambiance? I reckon it's the people, especially the first person to greet you and take your requests; the fellow customers, they way they dress up or down; and the extra touches people make you feel at home. It can be a busy morning, as when I was there on a Saturday, and yet the staff made me feel as if I was the only customer. My cappuccino (image above) came out as soon as they could, even if I knew there was a backlog of customer requests. I had the same person attend to me and my experience and this is much appreciated. He had an easy and genuine smile, even if he was busy, and the smile shone in his calm and bright eyes.

The internal decor makes a child stare in wonder and asks questions. Why is that bicycle hanging on the wall? Whose creative art pieces are being displayed? At times it feels like in a gingerbread cottage, at others like in a bohemian community. There are many twenty-somethings and choices for seating, from sofas to high chairs and pavement tables. The maritime theme can be felt. The weather forecast is lovingly drawn in chalk. Food and drinks are prepared behind a partition, and yet one with a window. If you look the other way, you can immerse in the street life that is Glebe, not far from the intersection with Broadway and Parramatta Roads. And yes, Ben & Jerry's ice cream in small tubs are also available from the cafe fridge.

Much thought had gone into creating my breakfast choice above. Savoury was complemented by the texture of bread, and a range of sensations was provided for taste, including those from a twist of the lemon slice, the green of asparagus and the fresh yolk of egg. My palate was taken both to the rich senses of the sea and the whiff of the farm.

The Clipper Cafe is open everyday from 6am to 6pm. My overall impressions of the Cafe are:
Atmosphere: Feels like home, cosmopolitan and yet as in a village
Taste: Above expectations
Location: Trendy and at the centre of the buzz
People Engagement: Superb, especially from the totally shaven-headed cool guy
Service: Welcoming and with a smile
Best Time To Visit: Early morning.
My Fav Dish Experienced: Salmon sitting on bed of Avocado Paste over toast, accompanied by asparagus spears and two poached eggs (picture above)
Would I Return?: Can't wait.


Carole said…
Nice blog. You might like to see my post about the Picasso exhibition in Sydney. It finishes on the 25th March.
Chompchomp said…
Clipper Cafe definitely pulls off that country cafe vibe so well. I also recently had a good breakfast experience there -
Kin Yuen said…
Dear Chompchomp, I am glad you enjoyed your breakfast at the Clipper Cafe as well. It'
s unique and so relaxing before we brave the Big Smoke down George
Street! Cheers
Kin Yuen said…
Hi Carole,
Good reminder about Picasso, I have been trying to get there despite roadblocks and distractions. Your Picasso blog write up has opened my eyes to
his early pieces, particularly Torso, and to The Reader - mystifying
yet soothing and captivating. Carole, I like your salad with lamb as
well in another post. Cheers, Kevin
dynamicdreamz said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kin Yuen said…
Appreciate your feedback, DD - note that you are into website design. Any advice welcome!

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