Sparrow & Finch Espresso, Bar & Grill Brisbane

Business rush hour, but on a Thursday, in the so called banking precinct of Brisbane city centre, on the other side of the River from South Bank.   We just followed the trail of office workers and the presence of banking corporate offices.  Then we entered a fresh looking interior, with outdoors visible to Adelaide Street, and felt the vibes of people seeking a quick pick me up or slow business lunch.    The wait space was like a long corridor, Creek Street Corner outside was more of a lane and the ambiance is light and airy but with a buzz.   We chose a table on the pavement under stand up foldable umbrellas but with protection from the road traffic.

The menu is a balance of practicality, so called more healthy and office crowd favourites.  Yoghurt, pasta, wraps and Mediterranean salads are offered along side burgers, steaks, Parmigianas, sandwiches, chips and calamari.   Much of the food is already prepared before  hand and laid out in warmed containers in the long glass display.   My group of four adults and an infant had the pasta, curry and pizza.  Brisbane is a city that does not get into your face, like the brash courier cyclists, self-obsessed middle aged men in suits and the obvious lack of infrastructure causing crowds you find in the Big Smoke of Sydney.   Even in a business hub of town I found it relaxing, although the staff at S & F were caught up in the lunch hour rush.

It is obvious that the place opens late to pamper and relieve the office and corporate workers as the week moves on.  The facade at the entrance is already corporate like, with a deeper yellow colour to further entice us in.    The dishes we had were acceptable in standard but again, I could not expect much further than this as the kitchen churned out food on the go.   Maybe I should return in the evenings and see if the dining lifts up above the daytime rush.

The dark wall colours and layout does suggest attempts to create a more upmarket eatery and drinking hole.    It is likely its location is also its advantage, a stop along a crawl for half suited office crowds to recover or celebrate after the day's events at the office.

Sparrow & Finch visited is located at 100 Creek Street Corner, Adelaide Street, Brisbane Queensland.

Opening hours are  from 630am to 5pm on Mondays and Tuesdays;  from 630am to 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays; and from 630am to midnight on Fridays.  Closed on weekends.
Contact +617   3236 5353

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