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Eggs Benedict, first dished up in New York, is now a commonly found staple in breakfast cafes across Australia.

We were looking for breakfast and were diverted from visiting the Anthology Cafe in downtown Brisbane, due to the road blocks set up for Chris Helmsworth and Tom Hiddleson doing their stuff on location shooting their movie Thor: Ragnarok.   I always find magic when something is preventing achieving a plan but then we get to discover something else.    This early morning it was not exactly going on the less trodden path, as the shut off for foot traffic at the junction of Mary and Albert Streets on a working day did cause traffic diversion of both vehicular and human versions spilling on to the nearby city centre roads.

And this was how we discovered Mr. Edward's, aptly named right alongside the road's namesake.    I sensed we were sort of in a tourist visitor area but I could be wrong.  The Verve Hotel was just a stone's throw away, providing a kind of pub and dining environment, and so was Mr. Edward's.  Well this was just at 9am on a work day, but the male staff greeting us, was absolutely helpful, engaging and welcoming.

Mr. Edward's has many cured and smoked meats, so I opted for their version of the   Aussie Big Breakfast.  I was duly rewarded by the most lovely sausages and mushrooms, with a hint of southern European and the Australian farming regions.    What topped my serving was the rather well made bread, good enough to eat by themselves.

Perhaps I have seen too many Eggs Benedict in the greater Sydney area and the Illawarra coast.   The version by Mr. Edward's is drier and the poached eggs are not Onsen style, so there was some comparison in discussion with my breakfast companion SK.  

I am told that the chef here has an experienced reputation, so expectations are set rather high.    We did not experience long waits for our food on this visit.   I reckon it is also a gathering place for parties, with an extensive alcohol bar featuring crafted beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and more - the way to go like in contemporary Sydney and Melbourne, a licensed place with meats, seafoods and in a happening place.   Further, Mr. Edwards is a showcase of Coopers Brewing stuff  - and I did note the Coopers beer infused banana bread...

A further peek into the menu reaffirmed my positive vibes in what they put out for their customers.    Simple sides for main meals later into the day and night included duck fat roasted potatoes;  chips served with Parmesan cheese and truffle;  beetroot slow roasted with almonds and Greek yoghurt; and saute button mushrooms.   The cheese selections are worth checking out - with Cremeux from the Adelaide Hills; the Barossa Triple Cream; Cave Age Cheddar from Somerset; and the Ubriaco Al Prosecco, a salted Italian cow's creation with light citrus notes.

Big Breakfast Mr. Edwards style.

The Trio of pork as a shared plate has ham hock parcels, Tamari char grilled Chorizo, slices of crispy pig ear, braised pork belly and potato scallop.  Tamari is a niche soy sauce produced in the Chubu area of Japan.

The seafood Paella is brimming with spiced Pimiento  (a large, red and heart shaped cherry pepper), Whiting fish, mussels, octopus and squid, and further enhanced by Chorizo, peas and fresh herbs.

I must return....especially for the cherry baked Alaska, with vanilla bean ice cream, hazelnut sprinklings and chocolate sponge.   Plus the wild Rabbit Saddle Sous Vide Ballentine, a rather captivating dish that has artichoke puree, blueberry gel and hand picked spinach looking Sorrel gracing an apricot flavoured pork and rabbit Bon Bon. 

There is also a spanking new barista coffee machine at the front (Edward Street side) - Establishment coffee.   Mr. Edward's opened at the end of July 2015  - owners Daniel Whiffen and Gerry Murphy have designed and run a place to stand apart from typical competitors by offering an Euro feel not just in cuisine like slow cooked meats, but also in the drinks list, and still retaining a familiar ambiance for Brisbane diners.

The early morning after the night before....

Mr. Edward's Alehouse & Kitchen visited is licensed and located at  46 Edward Street, Brisbane.  This is at the junction with Margaret Street.

Opening hours are from 7am to midnight every week day and from 9am to midnight every Saturday.  Closed on Sundays.
Contact +617  3137 1590

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