The Fullerton Singapore

Formerly the Singapore GPO, the building housing today's Fullerton has been restored to more than its colonial splendour and attention to architectural detail.  White, a plethora of small and large palms and shutter windows (that allow more effective ventilation in an equatorial climate) are the themes continued from its glorious past when Singapore was considered  to be a gem of the British Empire, the geographical most far flung empire in history.

Good ham cuts, fresh pineapple, watermelon and more for morning breakfast.

A welcome Chinese cooling flavoured tea with a Granny Smith in your room.

Poaching eggs for the traditional kaya toast bread set.

A scene reminiscent of old Singapore, by that river itself, not far by foot from the Fullerton, which has a river side view.
The grand hotel centrally located in downtown city, with Chinatown, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Raffles Place, Clarke Quay, Clifford Pier and Marina Sands casino within a sweaty walking distance in this equatorial heat, but on well designed, broad and clean pavements.  There are also river ferries to catch for slow rides.

Fettucine marinara served by enthusiastic, friendly and well trained staff at one of the Fullerton's dining rooms.

Coffee and tea traditionally made with condensed milk are served by the Fullerton  in unique porcelain cups that still bear the designs familiar from my childhood.

The Fullerton pool for guests, overlooking a scenic and sedate river and Singapore's financial district, has been named as one of the top resort pools in the world.

Newspapers in hard copy are still left at your room or suite door - or provided at breakfast time, which has a menu encompassing he best of East and West - above, congee is available with poached egg, waffle, Mediterranean tomatoes and Cantonese baked roast pork buns.

A bird's eye view of the inner sanctum of the Fullerton.  A recommended place to unwind is the Post Bar on the ground floor.  Wi-fi is provided free to hotel guests.  Rooms are sumptuous with writing desks, bathrobes, carpet slipper wear, glass display shelving and mat laid near your turned bed while you are away at dinner.

Freshly made omelette surrounded by croissants and breads.


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