Singapore - Snippets Around the River

An immigrant past with a hunger for business and cultural traditions is reflected in Chinatown.

Boats and ships still make a significant contribution to this harbour city and island.

Restoration and upkeep of buildings is maintained at high standards.

A sight for tourists, Kipling's mad dogs and Englishmen who come out in the midday sun.

The Cavenagh Bridge marks the colonial quarter.

The inherent and strong ties that bind Singapore and Malaysia can at times be under emphasised in the new order of things in south-east Asia.

Lovely louvred vertical window-doors above the street.

Mee rebus and teh tarik served in disposable containers, Raffles Place.

London is but so far away.

Along the quays.

HM Chulalongkorn was the eldest son of reformer Thai King Mongkut.

A classic view into the original financial district.


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