Reflections 24

24 years in Australia and what this has taught me.

1. There can be empowerment in all this relative silence and remoteness. The genesis for an idea can arise when there is no artificial distraction.  When some parts of the world buckle under congestion and pollution, never under estimate the uniqueness and advantage of relatively untainted spaces and capabilities. Always look for the differentiators and delights that the rest of the world hunger for.

2. What has not been used or encountered at all in one whole year does say some thing. It means either you never needed them, or that you have not been active enough to appreciate and utilise them.

3. What I have been paying for all this time? Expensive prices when compared to nations with larger populations? Late arrival of the latest product designs or the trendy movies or shows? Are big businesses milking us extra as Australian consumers just because they can?  Is it because we have pricey costs to dish out in running a business here? The high Australian dollar in recent years, greater overseas travel and more confidence in on line purchases has made most Australians break free of such constraints.

4. The more things change, the more they remain the same.  I look around and at times continue to experience deja vu, the fact that I have seen it all before.  To commence meaningful changes, we look at ourselves in the mirror and take it from there to act and not just reflect.  There is cause and reason on most occasions.  There are individuals who take advantage for themselves, yet there are others who seize upon the advantage to help others. The eternal things that remain the same are inflation and gradual physical breakdown - prepare for these.  So is sunrise at the beach, a child's laughter and a family feel.

5. Practice and routine does make it easier.  Add another layer - timeliness in making decisions and doing things bring us to another dimension.  At every age, give yourself time to face and make the hard decisions.

6. The more you give, the more you receive.  The less you expect, the more happy you can be. Raise a puppy and spend time with people older and younger than your generation. Encourage and be encouraged in return, You liberate yourself from one of the chains of the human condition.  Sharing the joy is more important than to be trapped in delusional self-importance, evidence of which can be seen in some people who do not realise this condition themselves as they continue to chase the smoke and mirrors of self-gratification.

7. Stepping out and embracing change is marvellous.  Allow yourself occasionally to be surprised. That is what life is all about.  Think of Nature and the seasons. Think of ourselves as shedding skin and allowing a better inside to breathe.  Each of us is capable of being positively more than we ever know.

8. At times, I am not sure what to be convinced of anymore - especially from an overload of all types of media, trends and information.  Be strong and have your own personal values.  Remember to smile no matter what.

9. This has been a fortunate country.  However,  I lament the loss of the sense of giving to be replaced by what society calls the sense of entitlement.

10. Travel nurtures the mind and heart.  Its worth may dribble and dilute through the years, but there is always an inner core of satisfaction and inspiration that it holds in our hearts.

11. Everyone of us does get into a rut - the trick is to recognise it first and then do something about it.
Rut comes in many forms, can be caused by no logical reason or person but in the end, only you can move on from rut to growth.  When you rise above the water, make a point to celebrate.

12.  If the first stop does not measure up, try another place.  You owe no loyalty to people who do not commit to you.  Such negativity are not worth considering anyway.  In the end, they fade into our timeline like some fuzzy train on a foggy night.

13.  Pay attention to detail.

14.  Review, revise and reflect, but take action accordingly.

15. Sometimes, just make a stand.  You may have to do so in an unexpected moment or in reaction to a long brewing scenario. Take care of yourself first before you can then effectively help others.

16. It is important as to how and when we pick ourselves up when some people throw stones at us.

17. Do something for others, no matter how small, when they least expect it - and do not expect anything yourself.

18. Grow as many flowering beds as you can. Plant as many seeds as you can, even if you know some will not germinate. Some day later, especially when you have forgotten about them, you delight in the fruits of such effort.

19. Recognise part of yourself in an apparent stranger.  Put yourself in the shoes of the trodden, the bored and the oppressed.  They do and shall rise one day in stature, motivation and influence, if only to start a family, but also if they contribute to your community and your values.

20. Enjoy the moment.  Nothing else matters, as it soon becomes the past and the future is just a concept.

21. Savour the outdoors and its freedom.

22. Take comfort in your own personal anchor, as life is navigating yourself - and those you love - through a journey.

23. Make a difference - and be a difference that is refreshingly welcome.

24.  Real friendship never goes away.


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