At All & Sundry, Woonona - Wollongong Coast NSW

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The main counter.

Shane alerted me on SMS about this newly opened cafe one Saturday morning (the first one of May) when Scott and I were at Diggies, North Gong Beach for an early brunch.  On my way up to the north-western suburbs of Sydney , I reckoned I should give it  a try in the early afternoon. Initially I could not find the place, but the Woonona newsagent opposite Macker's had a friendly chap at the counter who knew about this cafe.

So as the clouds gathered above the Illawarra, and when the winds whipped up, I hurriedly went down slope along the Princes Highway and spotted a lane beside a butcher's, as advised.  And there it was.  All & Sundry. My first impressions were that it was so Melbourne and yet so Sutherland Shire.  Next opportunity it may be better to park the car in a parking area just outside the cafe but away from the main road.

At late lunch hour on a Saturday, there were several people seated at tables or waiting for their takeaways.  The pace felt casual, people seemed to have time as it was the start of a weekend and there seemed to be limited seating both inside and outside. It was a hotch-potch of various ages, ranging from the twenty somethings to older couples.  The place looked relatively bright inside with framed pictures on one wall, adjacent to an anime looking female character dominating the view as one stepped in.

I just wanted a quick cuppa. Apart from the ubiquitous espresso, I noticed that filter, pour over and aero press variations are also available. All & Sundry is not open at this stage on Sundays and  Mondays, but available from business on other days other days from  8am.  No dinner menus at this stage.  I chose to sit down and had a cup and saucer version of a standard milky order.

A limited indoor seating area.
My mate Shane, whom I understand earlier that day, chose takeaway whilst accompanied by his girls and a friend's five year old daughter.  He was not impressed with the takeaway cups, the last of which he had seen used in Sutherland's Left Bower. They had to wait twenty minutes - I am not sure what muffins they also selected, but the five year old found them  stale and told Shane.  I have suggested to Shane to go back with him and sample their other food servings.

Espresso options include the Guatemala "la perla"  (with maple syrup, hazelnuts, butter washed bourbon and orange mixes); the El Salvador "el Borbollon" (soft acidity washed Bourbon, sweet caramel and honey blend); and the Human Cannonball (the staple used by All & Sundry for milk coffees served there and a Brazilian sourced roast from Golden Cobra). The barista attending to me dressed in a casual trendiness and brought me the coffee in the photo below.  It was not a busy time and he had a smiling disposition.

Interesting use of retro saucers and cups.

Food choices on the current menu are eclectic and you can  have healthy wholegrain porridge (graced with poached nectarine and rhubarb) for breakfast, in contrast to a braised lamb shoulder ( accompanied by rocket, goat's fetta cheese and romesco) for lunch time.  Quick snacks include the Otway ham baguette (with Maffra cheddar and Stewie's own tomato relish) and a in-house granola with poached pear, prune and vanilla.

Kid friendly

There is wide variety of tea choices.  I find captivating the "Heal" mixture based on Calendula flower petals, fennel seeds, lemongrass, ginger and mint.  Several varieties are familiar to those with Asian backgrounds - the White Peony from southern China; Good Morning, a composite of blends from Yunnan, Assam and Sri Lanka; Masala Chai; and the Cloud and Mist, a savoury green tea from Jiangxi Province in China.  I found my coffee of an unusual flavour but need to return to provide a view.

A customer leaves by bicycle - the view outside the cafe.


markgrogan said…
The best cafes are the ones that are hidden away! Not as crowded as the ones you see on the main streets and lot more packed on their menu for us visitors too!