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Fresh coconut and vinegar-chili dipping sauce
Fresh coconut and vinegar-chili infused dipping sauce.

Kim beams with a welcoming smile every time she approaches customers.  I notice the ingredients used are fresh and the cafe interior has a modern and clean feel and look about it. The cafe's location may not be easy to locate, but any one who transverses the Sydney CBD tunnel between Wynyard rail station and the Hunter Connection arcade and food court would have definitely and inevitably walked past, if not come in for a tucker.  The place is located opposite a watch repairer and jeweller outlet and there is a carvery nearby from the Wynyard station side.

I had not known that Kim prepares homemade, iced preserved  kumquat and pickled lemon drinks.  These items are however subject to seasonal availability and the time it requires to make a good pickle.
I had asked for a kumquat pickled iced drink, even so late into the Sydney autumn and the wait staff lad was kind enough to let Kim know.  Kim came in an instant to have a chat about these drink items - this set the tone for the care and attention My Selection cafe devotes to its food, business and customers.

My own choice that quick lunchtime - the crispy chicken was bony but the tomato flavoured rice was good. I love crunching into such bony stuff anyway.  I had fresh coconut juice with slices of the whites
( young coconut flesh).  Delivery of your order was fast, especially for the office worker demographic.

Attention to details - flavour and texture of the tomato flavoured rice, plus presentation and aroma of the crispy skin chicken with a pinch of crunchy salad.

Next opportunity, I plan to have a breakfast snack of the egg and bacon muffin (at AUD 3.50)
and also try out the  char siu bao (steamed savoury pork bun) otherwise only found at yumcha sittings or buy frozen from your nearest Asian grocery.  Also available are the following that caught my eye -
congee (with thin pork slices and bits of century old egg or chicken and ginger slices);  Vietnamese iced coffee; and the "All Ham on Deck" scrambled eggs with potato, capsicum and onion slices.
Other items in the menu are the piping hot beef based pho noodle soups; broken rice lunch choices; sandwiches; shrimp fried noodles; Turkish breads and French rolls.  Interesting enough, you may consider the Hungarian beef goulash on a cold wintry day in Sydney city.


Charmaine said…
Tried this place today. I had the Spicy Beef Noodles which was not spicy enough for my palate. Will try pork chop or the pho next time. The crispy chicken looks good too. No MSG after taste which is good.
Kin Yuen said…
I note the not using of MSG. Both the pork chop and crispy chicken are my favourites. They also have hot piping congee for a cold winter's morning. I must try to join you at the cafe next time!

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