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Fresh, transparent and so Shanghai - from the origins of Din Tai Fung at World Square and the open kitchen concept at the Bathurst Street/ George Street outlet, this business model has now been transplanted to an area with heavy commuter traffic in Sydney  CBD - the MetCentre, which adjoins the busy Wynyard Station.  So I reckon the staff has to work even more faster and be more responsive in a location that has office workers, tourists and families coming out of the train system.  At lunchtime, I have already witnessed queues reminiscent of Mamak's in Sydney's Chinatown and Chatswood.

The food is now familiar to the Sydney market - steamed dumplings, noodles in soup, spring rolls, relatively dainty servings served on small plates and petite bamboo baskets.  The menu can be seen as a combination of yum cha, Shanghai snacks and drinks based on soy and the usual mainstream Aussie soft drinks.  What makes this business work? Fast turnover, practical pricing and  not too confronting food for lunchers and brunchers who do not have too much time to squander.  Here they can have some hot food, as opposed to cold servings of sushi and sashimi ion Japanese take aways. Also open for breakfast, the early morning service has to be touch and go, pick up and take away!

My Chefs Gallery has thrived on food sets, bento styled lunches and tasting variety. Here at the MetCentre, the trend continues.  Open only on weekdays, I reckon this latest joint comes heels on the experience at the food court located on level 5 in Sydney's Pitt Street Mall Westfield.  With more selections available than the latter, this MetCentre is also a first for KaiSern Ching at the northern end of the city centre.  It also offers more accessibility of this type of cuisine to the banking district. This follows the opening of Mr Wong's  in a trendy alley site last year.

Will he cross over the Harbour and Anzac Bridges to the Asian populated suburbs in the  future?


Anonymous said…
Food is not bad but I didn't enjoy it while I was there. I saw one of the staff was screaming at another staff, followed by slamming of the trays. Not sure what went wrong but common sense please, we are there to have lunch & at the same time wanna enjoy it too. Listening to the rude screaming or sort of like a scolding situation just ruined my mood. They're so unprofessional in a way of attitude. If there's something not right amongst staff don't screamed & slammed in front of customers. It didn't look good. I felt sorry for the victim, the one that got yelled at. Poor thing. Com'on people you are providing customer service. Nice food but i didn't really expect to see & hear all the drama happening at their workplace.

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