Il Buon Gusto, Picton Mall - Greater Sydney

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Opened only a few months ago, Gusto is located on the right hand side as one enters the Picton Mall in south-western portion of the greater Sydney area. The mall itself is compact, with several retailers,the inevitable supermarket (Coles), a rather fancy butcher (which stands out with its produce and variety of offerings, especially various types of beef and pork sausages) and a coffee place. Occasionally, someone rents out a spot in the spacious lobby and offers products like accessories and handicrafts.
Down towards the main road and vehicle parking spaces is a rather delightful IGA, particularly for those who shun the bigger grocery players.

Picton is more of a place you live in rather than anything else. Visitors may pass by on their way somewhere, or regulars may stream in from their bush hideaways and lifestyle abodes. Residents in this corner of so-called Sydney may be more attracted to MacArthur Square and the urban hub of Campbelltown rather than congregate here. To get to Picton however is rather accessible, 40 minutes from the Wollongong Coast, an hour from Mittagong perhaps and okay to pop over from Liverpool further north.  It is also reachable by train if you have the time and you are duly rewarded by an interesting retro dining place inside a sandstone building once you go past the rail turnstiles.

So I was curious about Gusto. With only a lunchtime opportunity, I had sampled their fettucine gambari on a previous occasion, bought takeaway latte from them and hence wanted to try more. The owner said they make their own cannanoli and chocolate cheesecake - but I was eyeing the macarons, cake slices, friands and other sweet stuff in the covered shelf cabinet.  The kitchen was hidden to one side of the venue and there are seats for four on raised platforms, apart from the usual free standing tables inside and outside.

For a quick session, I decided this time on a breakfast item, the egg Provencal. Pictured above, I had a choice of ham or proscuitto, with a sprig of greens with eggs over a sourdough.  It was a nippy Tuesday but I was glad there were more people lunching than during my last visit.  The foodie scene is perhaps more tucked away on the side of Picton away from this mall.  Staff are easy going at Gusto and there seems to be an easy pace about it.


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